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    Health and Safety Induction

    A Health and Safety Induction into the use of the space must be completed before bookings may be made, and a Lighting & Sound Induction if you intend to use the electrical equipment. This must be arranged with the Music and Drama Technician. As there is an electronic card lock, inductions must be completed with enough time to apply for a pass card – at least a week is advised.

    The Studio is not like other ‘classrooms’ on the Brookes site. It contains high-voltage electrical equipment, and other resources which raise Health and Safety issues. Users have to take responsibility for many aspects of the building and must co-operate with many other users.

    For these reasons, and for reasons connected with insurance, all sessions in the Studio must be attended throughout by at least one person who has taken a Drama Studio induction.

    Users must also sign a document called the ‘tenancy agreement’ to say that they (and any colleagues in the Studio) will abide by safe working practices in the Studio. Brookes staff and students should download the House Rules in advance of induction.

    All users please note that all previously-signed tenancy agreements lapse at the end of the academic year. In order to be able to book the studio, you will need to undergo a refreshment induction.

    Inductions must be arranged, at least one week in advance, with the Music and Drama Technician. Please try to indicate two or three possible times when you could attend the studio for inductions, which should take approximately 45 minutes each. The Technician will normally reply within 48 hours (Mon-Fri).

    Booking time in the studio

    Only users who have completed an induction and signed the tenancy agreement (see House Rules above) may book time in the studio.

    If you have completed these steps, please be aware that you need to give considerable notice to get a booking. Your bookings will also be balanced against the needs of other users.

    The calendar shows the current bookings for the studio for the coming week.

    In semester time, you must contact the Music and Drama Technician to request bookings for the following week (more advanced bookings can be made in special circumstances – for example assessments). All booking requests will be dealt with strictly on Thursdays of each week, between 0930 and 1100 in the Music and Drama Technician’s office (Richard Hamilton Building B16), after which online bookings will be dealt with. The calendar will be updated by the start of each Friday.

    NB: Parking for Drama Studio users is NOT provided.