Department of English and Modern Languages

  • The recently formed EML Association welcomes all students and staff in the Department English and Modern Languages. Join our Facebook group and look out for our next meeting.

    The English programme at Oxford Brookes University is based on a thriving and open community of liberating and research-intensive scholarship. This is a forum where that community can continue beyond graduation. Here, students and alumni can stay in touch, start discussions and seek advice from each other.

    This is a forum for students, staff and alumni of the MA International Business, Communication and Language programme at Oxford Brookes University. This is a forum where the connections created at Brookes can continue beyond graduation.

    This is a forum for all students and alumni of the MA Creative Writing programme at Oxford Brookes University. Here you can announce contests, journals, anthologies or new releases, start discussions or ask questions about the course or writing in general.

    This is a forum for all current students and alumni of the drama course to help you seek advice from our graduates, and for the connections formed whilst at Brookes to continue beyond your degree. It’s also a great way to promote any creative work you’re involved in.

    This is a forum for all past, present and future students of the Drama programme at Oxford Brookes to ask questions, keep in touch, arrange events, find out about casting calls and projects, and showcase your work.

    A group only for members of the Japanese Society to discuss events, venues, meetings, and other things related to the society.

    A group past and present students of French at Oxford Brookes. Join to find out about exciting French-related events in Oxford. It’s not only for English people who want to watch French films and drink copious amounts of wine from over the Channel – Frenchies, gather round for some ‘quintessentially British fun’ and language exchange, too.