School of English and Modern Languages

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      Hilary Mantel

      “The university is internationally recognised as a leader in Creative Writing” »

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      Philip Pullman

      “Among the Creative Writing courses that I’ve seen – and I’ve seen quite a lot now – the one I’ve seen at Oxford Brookes is certainly one of the best.” »

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      Annie Murray

      Her final project novel, entitled A New Map of Love was published by Pan Macmillan under the name Abi Oliver and she continues to write bestselling historical novels as Annie Murray, for Pan Macmillan.

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      Anne Youngson

      MA graduate and current PhD student, her first novel (2018), has already sold around the world »

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      Helen Eve

      Her debut novel, Stella, was published by Macmillan in 2014 »

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      Catherine Chanter

      Her first full length work of fiction, The Well, won the Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize in 2013 »

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      Kit de Waal

      Shortlisted for the 2014 Costa Short Story prize »

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      Liam Brown

      His debut novel, Real Monsters, published in 2015 by Legend Press »

  • Philip Hensher and Zaved Mahmood

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  • Novelist Philip Hensher discussed his new novel Scenes from Early Life with his husband, Zaved Mahmood, on whose early life the work is based at this year’s Oxford Literary Festival. Scenes from Early Life is part novel, part autobiography and part history of a brutal civil war. The discussion was chaired by Dr James Hawes, senior lecturer in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes

    Hensher has published a number of novels including The Mulberry Empire. In 2003 he was listed as one of Granta’s 20 best young British novelists. His semi-autobiographical novel The Northern Clemency was shortlisted for the Man Booker in 2008. Mahmood is a human rights lawyer.