School of English and Modern Languages

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      Hilary Mantel

      “The university is internationally recognised as a leader in Creative Writing” »

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      Philip Pullman

      “Among the Creative Writing courses that I’ve seen – and I’ve seen quite a lot now – the one I’ve seen at Oxford Brookes is certainly one of the best.” »

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      Annie Murray

      Her final project novel, entitled A New Map of Love was published by Pan Macmillan under the name Abi Oliver and she continues to write bestselling historical novels as Annie Murray, for Pan Macmillan.

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      Anne Youngson

      MA graduate and current PhD student, her first novel (2018), has already sold around the world »

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      Helen Eve

      Her debut novel, Stella, was published by Macmillan in 2014 »

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      Catherine Chanter

      Her first full length work of fiction, The Well, won the Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize in 2013 »

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      Kit de Waal

      Shortlisted for the 2014 Costa Short Story prize »

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      Liam Brown

      His debut novel, Real Monsters, published in 2015 by Legend Press »

  • Publication success

    • Things You Do For Love by Rachel Crowther

      Things You Do For Love

      Rachel Crowther

      Rachel Crowther’s second novel, Things You Do For Love, will be published in August this year by Bonnier Zaffre, with her third novel (as yet untitled) scheduled for publication in August 2017.

    • Into the Pit Party by Matthew Perryman

      Into the Pit

      Matthew Perryman

      Matthew Perryman, a snake-keeper, has had a piece of fiction, Into the Pit, chosen for publication by LabLit. LabLit is the world’s leading scientific fiction journal run by Dr Jennifer Rohn, who coined the now-popular term in defining scientific fiction. Into the Pit follows a group of ophiologists who descend into the Malaysian jungle to synthesise the venom of the rare mangrove pit viper.

    • The Boat Party by Matthew Perryman

      The Boat Party

      Matthew Perryman

      Matthew Perryman, has had a sestina, The Boat Party, chosen for publication by MISO Magazine, a bi-annual publication featuring the work of students and graduates of creative writing degrees. The Boat Party employs the sestina poem form in presenting the farcical opening night of a steamer converted into a zoo.

    • F**k the Radio (We've Got Apple Juice) by Miranda Ward

      F**k the Radio (We’e Got Apple Juice)

      Miranda Ward

      Miranda Ward grew up on a ranch in California and lives in Oxford. She’s particularly interested in the intersections of place, technology, and creativity. She is currently undertaking a PhD. F**K The Radio, We’ve Got Apple Juice (Unbound, 2013) is her first book.

    • Pre-empting a world disaster, Motorway Orange and Caravan and the Curlews

      Pre-empting a world disaster, Motorway Orange and Caravan and the Curlews

      John Vickers

      John Vickers, recent graduate of the MA Creative Writing at Brookes, has had three poems accepted by the literary journal Under the Radar. They are entitled Pre-empting a world disaster, Motorway Orange and Caravan and the Curlews and are concerned with a psychiatric hospital, a police cell and a childhood holiday.

    • Stella - Helen Eve


      Helen Eve

      Helen Eve graduated from the Brookes Creative Writing MA with Distinction and read from her Young Adult novel, Stella, at the 2012 Annual Showcase: she now has a deal with Macmillan. Watch this space for more news as we get it…

    • A Flawed Reflection - Alison Knight

      Body Gossip

      Anthology, compiled by Ruth Rogers and Natasha Devon with foreward by Gok Wan

      This is a collection of stories published by Rickshaw Books and written by ordinary and extraordinary people about their bodies. It includes MA student Alison Knight’s story, A Flawed Reflection.

      Body Gossip is a campaign which promotes diversity, acceptance and realistic beauty by showcasing real body stories from the public, in the form of theatre shows, short online videos and this, the Body Gossip book.

    • The Sighting - Moira Robinson

      The Sighting

      Moira Robinson

      When 8 year old Charlotte Alsopp goes missing the usual hordes of people are convinced that they have seen her and report their sightings to the police. Claire Harrison is also convinced that she has seen her but rather than go straight to the police she decides to check out the house where she saw her. What follows is the stuff of nightmares. From the moment Claire shouts at Tom to stop, her life starts to unravel, as the mystery surrounding the abduction is slowly revealed.

    • Rooms of the Mind - Catherine Chanter

      Rooms of the Mind

      Catherine Chanter

      Rooms of the Mind is an extraordinary collection of stories. The disquieting novella-length title piece is told by the owner of a house for sale: ‘Today is my 31st birthday but I have struggled to find a mirror in a room which is open to me. In the end I looked in the toaster unable to tell whether the stains and blemishes were on the stainless steel of the appliance or the stainless steel of my face. My hair is still its natural colour. Natural. That is not a world many people would use about me. Abnormal. Dysfunctional. Difficult was a favourite when I was young.’

    • Undressing the Elephant - Sarah Fraser

      Undressing the Elephant

      Sarah Fraser

      The premise of this book is that the concept of "spread" and the business of "spreading good practice" as we continue to apply it in healthcare, may be a large part of why "spread" doesn't happen. If you're looking for an alternative and occasionally irreverent view, then read on. This is a personal account reflecting on many years worth of consulting practice, mistakes included.

    • The Partridge and the Pelican - Rachel Crowther

      The Partridge and the Pelican

      Rachel Crowther

      In the summer of 1983, Olivia and Eve find a baby in a phone box beside a country road in Suffolk. The girls are nineteen, on holiday and staying with a young medical student, James. The events of that summer cast a long shadow over their careers, marriages and motherhood. When they meet again 25 years later, the baby in the phone box returns to haunt them, and they are forced to confront the truth that has remained silent all this time. The Partridge and the Pelican explores motherhood, secrets and the enduring ties of friendship.

    • My Maker and I - Owen Michael Johnson, Dan Duncan and Matt Soffe

      My Maker and I

      Owen Michael Johnson, Dan Duncan, and Matt Soffe

      In a land where imagination can take physical form, one faithless preacher man walks alone. After a woman from the stars crash-lands in his path, these two most impossible of companions journey together through a perilous landscape in order to confront The Administrator – a mysterious and powerful figure who they believe responsible for society’s collapse. Through Neverland Mall and into The Library At World’s End, The Pilgrim and Eve – along with Toto the Gecko from Mars – travel to discover what rot lies at the heart of their planet. It is there that they will discover what they truly believe in.

    • The Angle - creative Writing Society

      The Angle

      Creative Writing Society

    • Edgeburn by Yvonne Lyon


      Yvonne Lyon