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    You can choose how you’d like to spend your year abroad. You can study at one of our partner universities, complete a work placement in a French firm, or teach English in a French school.

    We are partnered with the following French-speaking universities:

    • Angers
    • Brussels
    • Aix en Provence
    • Grenoble
    • Paris

    The year abroad has been hugely beneficial to me both in terms of improving my French and broadening my personal horizons. Living in a foreign country is a completely different experience but one that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to gain a different view of the world. I’ve met such a diverse group of people from all over the globe, and have had the opportunity to do things that I won't forget. I’ll come away from my year abroad with a lot of positives, but my highlights include better understanding and becoming part of the French way of life – and of course being able to ski every weekend!

    Chris Stone, spent his Year Abroad in Grenoble

    My time in France was definitely an experience that I learned a lot from. I did not only get to know the French language, French people and the French culture, but also got to know myself; my strengths and my weaknesses. It helped me build up my personality.

    Micky Bobie-Ansah, spent her Year Abroad in Paris
    Micky Bobie-Ansah, spent her Year Abroad in Paris
    Tina Coulibaly

    My year abroad was a very rich experience – emotionally, physically and intellectually. It was challenging at first because I was going to be working in a French company for a whole year in a country that I did not really know. However, it enabled me to gain valuable work experience and gave me access to amazing opportunities. I’ve discovered a whole new different world than the one I was used to. Also as weird as it may sound, it became more than just an academic year out. It became a soul searching experience and at the end of my stay, I realised that I became a much more mature and responsible person.

    Tina Coulibaly