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  • Placement Year

    The Placement Year in both a country of your main language and a country of your second language is a compulsory requirement for a degree in Applied Languages at Oxford Brookes (except if you decide to drop your second language).

    Second language (optional) Study Placement of 3 months in German, Spain, France or Belgium, Japan and China.

    Main language (compulsory) Work Placement of 3 to 6 months in France / Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain or Latin America:

    • in a company (Business)
    • in a school or language company (Education)
    • in an organisation / NGO (International Relations/Politics)
    • in the media (Communication)

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  • Applied Languages Spanish and French with Education

    "After studying in the University of Paris-Nanterre for the first half of my year abroad, I had the pleasure of undertaking my work placement at a Spanish international school in a small town called La Garriga, near Barcelona. Living in La Garriga gave me the opportunity to truly live as a local and immerse myself into the rustic, Catalan way of life, as well as teaching my own classes in English. This experience helped my Spanish and Catalan to improve even more! The school provided me with accommodation, which made it easy to settle in as I lived with lots of students just like me."

    "My six months in Spain was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. I would recommend this experience to anyone, and my advice is to seize every opportunity that presents itself to you, and be confident!"

    Hannah Moulai


    Applied Languages Spanish and French with International Relations

    "My year abroad experience was slightly atypical because instead of going to university in one country and then doing a work placement in another, I wanted to do two work placements instead. My job in Santiago was fantastic and I learnt so much Spanish because no one in Chile really speaks English. I would highly recommend people to go to South America on their year abroad because you get such a different experience to staying in Europe. It was incomparable to anything I have ever experienced in Europe: the people, the food the culture everything was totally different to my experience in Nice in the second semester. In France, I worked for a Non-Governmental Organisation called the European Telecommunications Standards Institute on the events team. My job was to organise events within the technology sector to bring major companies together in the South of France to discuss the future of technology. I am so lucky that I got the job I did because it boosted my CV and gave me so much experience for the real world, working for a big company where you are actually taken seriously and your input matters."

    Fran Glover

    Applied Languages French and Spanish with Communication

    "I had an amazing time in Uruguay where I studied for three months to improve my Spanish. There were a lot of opportunities to explore the country and to travel elsewhere. The Universidad de Montevideo gave me lots of support and helped to immerse me into the Uruguayan culture and way of life. It was a great experience living in South America and meeting people from all over the world. Next, I will be going to Antibes to work in a small car-hire company for six months where I will be developing my professional and linguistic skills in France."

    William Pears-Runeckles