Delphine Tontoni

MA International Business, Culture and Languages†

Delphine Tontoni

In order to fully accomplish the Master I had the possibility of doing a placement within a company

As part of my master’s course I completed a placement within a company. The placement I found was in the subsidiary of a French engineering consultancy named AKKA Technologies.

The placement lasted three months, from July until September, and my first role was HR Manager.

My first job mostly consisted of finding the right people for the projects offered by the company's clients. To do this I searched the firm’s CV database and looked on websites, such as Monster. I then interviewed the people I had selected to see if they were interested in the proposed project.

After a short period of time my manager gave me the opportunity to become a Business Engineer. A Business Engineer acts as the link between the client and the consultant throughout the project and manages the project’s consultant. The most important task for a Business Engineer is to fill the technical needs of a client so it was vital that I found the right person for each project.

As the placement was going very well I was offered an interview at AKKA Technologies’ French office.

As a result I was offered a job and straight after graduation I was started in the company in Paris as Junior Business Engineer.

This is a very interesting job; it is a bit stressful but it is very varied and requires me to recruit new people, find new clients, match the right person to a particular project, and manage the consultants.

This course has since been renamed to MA International Business and Intercultural Communication.