Resources and learning

  • Here are two easy to read guides that give a good overview of things you should consider. They allow you to look at related issues in more detail by a series of embedded links.

    Testing Business Ideas

    Market research for start-ups

    This interactive video session lasts for about 90 minutes. You will need to work in pairs with a partner.

    Before watching the video download the workbook.

    A virtual crash course in design thinking

    Watch this video about the Business Model Canvas to find out why having a business model is key to your success and how to create your own.

    This video covers tips on what you need to think about when defining your business model.

    This video covers tips for start-ups who are just starting out and covers things to address before you start your business

    Here is a video that explores Value Propositions and how they can be used to help you develop your business idea.  You should also watch/read the information that is available on Business Model Canvas as they are closely related.


    Here are some recent case studies of businesses that have been started by young people.
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