Pritesh Ladwa - The Forest Project - Leeds

  • Pritesh Ladwa - The Forest Project - Leeds

    plantsPritesh established The Forest Project to turn a 70 acre brownfield site into a brand new forest in England as a means of offsetting CO2 emissions. A variety of companies including Marks and Spencers buy carbon credits which are invested in tree-planting. As part of their service, they assess emissions and calculate clients' carbon footprint, suggest reduction strategies and provide the means to offset with a quality UK-based project. The Forest Project also work with communities and groups across the country to build a better future for us all, helping to make a positive social impact and bringing people together in the spirit of a shared cause.

    The Forest Project are currently working towards breaking the Guinness Word Record for the most trees planted in an hour. They are hoping to plant 30,000 trees in 60 minutes! They are working towards the launch of their Schools Project which will see The Forest Project working with around 1,500 primary schools across Britain.