Sonu Bubna - Gaea Naturals - Lancaster

  • Sonu Bubna - Gaea Naturals - Lancaster

    seated-peopleSonu received a HE SE Development Award Co-founded by the students of Lancaster University, Gaea Naturals is an innovative environmental company providing solutions for industrial waste water recycling. Its low initial investment, energy efficient, sustainable and cost saving products can be used in efficient utilisation of water in industries such as paper and pulp, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil refineries and chemicals manufacturing.

    When Sonu approached UnLtd, Gaea Naturals was struggling to get off the ground and did not have enough financial resources to keep the project running. Lancaster University had offered the R&D facilities to develop the technology but they did not have the funds to buy the components required to build the prototype. They came to UnLtd for financial support for procuring the raw materials to build the prototype and for support in promoting the technology.

    Since receiving a Catalyst Award Gaea secured £500k in research funding via United Utilities and Ministers from India are interested in integrating the technology within existing utilities services. They also won the 2011 January Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Award. Sonu found the experience of working with UnLtd invaluable and she is now supporting other Award Winners through UnLtd's Connect Mentor Programme.