Social entrepreneurship

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  • Social entrepreneurship is about using proven business techniques and approaches to address social and environmental problems and where profit is used to help to solve the issues.


    With OBSEA

    • You can learn about social enterprise and why it’s important, locally and globally.
    • You can develop your journey in social enterprise with us – whatever your starting point.
    • You’ll discover the skills and traits you need to become a social entrepreneur – and start to put them into practice.
    • You’ll develop your critical thinking and problem solving skills.
    • You experience hands on action-based learning that complements your classroom studies

    OBSEA will help you boost your employability with proven new skills and achievements that look great on your resume – and can help you discover a new career path.


    We offer

    • comprehensive training and 1:1 mentoring
    • cash awards and grants to help you develop your project

    OBSEA is a national award-winning programme for staff students and recent graduates (up to two years).

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