Background and introduction

  • We are pleased to be able to support international student graduates from Oxford Brookes to obtain the Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) visa.

    This is a scheme which enables non-EEA International graduates who have developed genuine and credible business ideas and entrepreneurial skills, to extend their stay in the UK after graduation to establish one or more businesses in the UK.

    The scheme allows successful applicants to remain in the UK to develop their business for one year with the possibility of an extension for a further year, following which they will need to transfer to another visa scheme if they wish to remain in the UK. Oxford Brookes University has been allocated up to 10 endorsements for visas and a further 10 for the current year up to 1 April 2017.

    Oxford Brookes University is one of 100 HEIs approved to run the scheme. Approved HEIs are responsible for vetting graduates and their business ideas with a view to providing a letter of endorsement for a candidate’s Tier 1 (GE) Visa application. The HEI is also responsible for carrying out ongoing progress reviews and mentoring to support the graduate for the duration of their Tier 1 (GE) Visa.

    How does it work?

    The scheme is designed to assist Oxford Brookes International Graduates in obtaining a specialist visa to stay in the UK, initially for a year, in order to develop their business ideas. The rules have recently changed and applicants who have graduated at any time in the past are eligible. The visa will normally last for one year however it may in exceptional circumstances be extended by a further year.

    Applicants considering this scheme should allow at least 3 months before their existing visa is due to expire to begin the process.

    It is open to graduates from Oxford Brookes following their graduation in a recognised Honours Degree or higher award. They may apply from both within the UK or from outside the UK.

    As well as receiving initial advice about your business proposal prior to your formal application, once your visa has been approved you will continue to be supported, mentored and monitored by University staff. The University charges a fee of £1800 (£1500 plus VAT) for this service. These fees are payable in two stage payments (see section on fees). Candidates wishing to extend their visa will be required to pay a second fee as set out before the visa will be extended. Additional fees are payable to the UK Visa and Immigration service (UKVI).

    It is imperative that in making your application you comply exactly with the requirements of the UKVI when you submit your documentation. In addition to helping you develop your business idea you may receive some support from International Student Advisory Team (ISAT) here at the University.