Eligibility criteria

  • Selection criteria

    The Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) scheme at Oxford Brookes is open to graduates of the University who have been identified as having an outstanding business idea that they wish to put into practice in the UK

    If you want Oxford Brookes University to endorse your application for a Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur) Visa, you and your business proposal must meet certain criteria

    • You must be a graduate of Oxford Brookes University; having been awarded a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PhD before your date of endorsement.
    • Your proposal and business idea should make good use of your graduate skills.
    • You will need to demonstrate that you have entrepreneurial qualities, have been rigorous in developing your idea, show initiative, and can work effectively and independently.
    • Your business proposal should be genuine, credible and innovative, and have a high likelihood of success
    • The business should add to the UK economy, be potentially scalable, and create employment opportunities in the UK beyond those of just the applicant.
    • The business must be based in the UK but may trade internationally.
    • The business should not simply be a trading company nor directly competing with other local businesses. Examples of ineligible businesses would include a fast food outlet, a clothes shop, estate agency, property development or accountancy firm or similar type of company. 
    • You will spend the majority of your working time on developing your business venture.
    • You have sufficient funds to support yourself whilst in the UK. This is currently based on you demonstrating that you had £945 for a period of 90 days prior to applying if you are already in the UK on an existing visa; or £1890 if you are applying from outside the UK without a current UK Visa.

    This is not an exclusive list, and any questions should be raised with the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur team at Oxford Brookes (tier1GE@brookes.ac.uk) or with UKVI.

    You can read more about the scheme and criteria on the  UKVI website.