Academic Support and Staff Engagement

Learn how to successfully embed enterprise in the curriculum, commercialise research and harness creative thinking in everyday work situations.

Academic Support and Staff Engagement

We believe that entrepreneurial thinking and behaviours are important skills which contribute to the University becoming more engaged and responsive in all aspects, and therefore actively support and encourage our staff to embrace them.

To help and enable this to happen this we offer a varied programme of initiatives which to support the staff community at Brookes to:

  • grow their understanding of what enterprise, entrepreneurial thinking and an entrepreneur is
  • gain confidence in teaching of these areas
  • learn new skills for their own and their students' benefit. 
  • deliver courses which enhance the student experience
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Academic Support and Staff Engagement Initiatives

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Run annually the Evolve Conference provides a time and place to take a fresh look at what is happening in enterprise education. 

Any one involved in enterprise education can attend, to enjoy the range of stimulating workshops, presentations, and cross-disciplinary discussions on this topic - from how to design an inclusive curriculum to include enterprise and entrepreneurship education to exploring the many different ways you can develop enterprising skills amongst students and graduates.

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Enterprise Champion Award

Oxford Brookes University wants to make sure that every student has an opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial competencies. The most effective way to do this is through the curriculum. 

The Enterprise Champion Award is made to support and provide funding to develop a project, test out ideas, and implement them. 

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Enterprise Training

An enterprising curriculum provides opportunities for students to become confident and creative problem-solvers.  It helps them to know how to apply their academic knowledge to real-world challenges, and builds the resilience and understanding needed to manage resources during uncertainty and can enable a richer learning experience which boosts employability. 

Brookes Enterprise Support can help you design and deliver a these interventions directly to your students. 

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Building Researchers Innovation and Developing Goals with Enterprise (BRIDGE) is a four-week course for all staff involved in research. It is designed to help participants to develop their entrepreneurial mindset, and enable them to explore alternative pathways within research practice.

During the course participants learn how to develop their own brand, pitch their research idea or proposal, create an impact when time is short, and prepare themselves to gain funding and investment. 

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Enterprise Everywhere Forum

The Enterprise Everywhere Forum is an internal forum for all Oxford Brookes staff. Run quarterly by Brookes Enterprise Support, it provides time for meaningful engagement with the University 2035 strategy and space to debate how, where and when enterprise forms part of the working day.  

International Conference for Enterprise Educators - IEEC

Oxford Brookes University is a member of Enterprise Educators UK. Each year EEUK hold the IEEC, which is renowned for its excellent keynote speakers and participant-focused sessions that are guided by leading educators and practitioners. 

The conference provides a forum for enterprise and entrepreneurship educators and practitioners to share experiences and engage with others from across the globe. The conference producers are always looking for contributions that highlight and enable good practice from all areas. They are keen to encourage student participation.

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