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    We've supported a number of entrepreneurs, social innovators and creative thinkers to evolve their ideas to the next level. Read more about how we've supported people from all across Brookes to develop their talent and build ambition.

    • Simon Yates

      Simon Yates

      Brookes Staff Member Creates DigiVue to Identify Trends of Disconnection Between Students and Their Academic Course.

    • Nicole Caingcoy

      Nicole Caingcoy

      Brookes Student Develops an Events Management Service to share her happiness and passion for the events industry with others.

    • Tafadzwa Gumbo

      Tafadzwa Gumbo

      Brookes student threading her way to a better tomorrow while studying!

    • Mauro Ramos de Jesus Pereira

      Mauro Ramos de Jesus Pereira

      Brookes entrepreneur is riding his way to success as he introduces a new innovative system to prevent bicycle theft

    • Larbi El Abboudi

      Larbi El Abboudi

      Tier 1 Winarose Ltd

    • Prabh Simran Badal

      Prabh Simran Badal

      BA Business Management and International Relations, graduated in 2015

    • Sophia Bannert

      Sophia Bannert

      Social innovation MArchD Applied Design in Architecture, recent graduate

    • Spencer Beckman

      Spencer Beckman

      Beckman Automobiles is a new electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, bringing sustainability, desirability, and value to the EV market in a way previously unseen.

    • Janarthan Parameswaran

      Janarthan Parameswaran

      Brookes Catalyst 2019 SHIFTE Information Technology Management for Business, 2017 graduate

    • Tatiana Khankovskaia

      Tatiana Khankovskaia

      ARTBEAT- A Brookes Entrepreneur’s endeavour to make art accessible

    • Nathan Bradley

      Nathan Bradley

      Brookes entrepreneur makes freshly brewed coffee accessible at home through his innovative venture

    •  Kevin Paraiso

      Kevin Paraiso

      Brookes entrepreneur blends tradition and style in his new clothing brand