Enterprise support

Cristina de Sus

Tuesday, 03 November 2020


Social enterprise MSc Marketing, recent graduate

What idea did you pitch at the awards?

I pitched Miss Frida, a sustainable babywear company. It’s something I started back in 2017, thanks to two little seeds (Try It Awards and Rising Star) at Dragon’s Den. 

I wanted to expand our sustainable offering at Miss Frida, so became involved with something called The Embroidery Project. I worked with indigenous artists in rural Mexico, and was inspired to create unique dresses with stories of women’s empowerment behind them. It was vital to get another little seed to launch the project.

How did you find the pitch?

I usually hate speaking in public - especially when it’s in English - but I enjoyed explaining my business idea to the panel. They asked their questions in a friendly way, so I felt like I was explaining my idea to one of my friends. I also liked that they gave me different ideas to help me improve my business model afterwards.

What made you decide to take part in the Enterprise Support competition?

I was part of the OBSEA (Oxford Brookes Social Entrepreneurship Awards) program in 2017, and was able to turn Miss Frida from concept to reality. After I developed the first samples, I wanted to carry on in 2018 and develop it further. I also liked the idea of having a mentor there who can support you.

How has Enterprise Support improved your skills to take on this challenge?

To be honest, I never thought I’d get involved in the business world - I always thought I’d pursue a career in political communication. But with the OBSEA program, I’ve learnt so much about setting up and running a business: the business model canvas, the different types of company and so on. 

By taking part in the competition what doors have been opened?

Definitely, especially with funding and mentoring. One of the biggest problems an entrepreneur faces is funding, so it’s great to have some financial support. It’s also been wonderful to have someone with business experience there to advise you.

What are your next steps?

The next step is to launch our debut collection on our website!