Enterprise support

Duray Joshua Pretorius

Wednesday, 25 November 2020


Brookes Spark Awards

Tell us about your business

BLA helps ex and current emergency service workers supplement their careers by becoming freelance first aid trainers by providing the qualifications, work experience and work opportunities to get ready to teach others life saving skills.

Tell us about your pitching experience for the Brookes Spark Award

This was a very useful pitching experience. It was my first experience pitching BLA and while I had many experiences public speaking it was so different talking about something I was so passionate about. It was a brilliant experience to be part of and at such a nice event.

I practised the pitch in front of course and flatmates and they helped me break down my business so it was easier to understand. It was stressful pitching in front of people who knew me well but that also meant that when it came to pitching my business to strangers the nerves were less prominent.

How has taking part in the pitch improved your skill set?

My confidence in BLA increased massively. It also gave me extra insight into how I might look to pitch my business to investors in the future. While every public speaking opportunity is something I relish, this was done so well that it really gave me the confidence to pursue alternative speaking engagements. I am now keen to spread the BLA idea far and wide.

How will winning this money help you?

The money will do a great deal in terms of upcoming marketing strategies and general costings. This will help me at my next recruitment events and help with overall business costs like website maintenance, automation, FB and PPC advertising.

This will really help me identify which strategies are best for recruiting the best life saving talent.

What are your next steps?

BLA are working closely with the Brookes Enterprise Support team to identify and crush my 2019 goals. We will be developing a checklist and growth plan needed to triple my sales.

I have another recruitment event after my exams just before the new year to get the next quarter of life saving trainers on-board.

I have learned to be more concise and confident in my business and more humble personally.