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  • Frano Lubura

    Brookes Spark Awards

    Global MBA Student

    Ignotus Travel | Instagram: @ignotustravel

    Frano Lubura

    Tell us about your business

    Ignotus Travel is a travel agency providing unique experience for travellers. We will analyse their profiles and create a perfect trip for them, based on their previous travels, their hobbies and activities and many different factors. We will take our customers to the destinations they haven't been before, destinations which are perfect for their profile type and destinations which are within their holiday budget. We will organise all of that in secret and will provide customers only a weather forecast for the destination and the time that they need to be at the airport.

    Once they are at the airport their destination will be revealed. This "mystery" about the destination makes it exciting and terrifying at the same time. It also makes it cool as our pilot runs show that customers' friends are excited as well and keep checking their social media channels to see where they end up travelling.

    Tell us about your pitching experience for the Brookes Spark Award

    This was my first pitching experience and I was terrified before the beginning. I was practising the pitch while driving to Oxford and all the way until I reached the university. When I went inside, the room was much smaller than expected and the panel was closer to me than I expected. Was not sure where to stand and how to present, I got totally disorientated. But once I started talking about the business idea and when I noticed that it was being well received with the panel, I got more relaxed and I excited because I knew I was on the right path.

    How has taking part in the pitch improved your skill set?

    Like with every skill, practice is a key to mastering it. This experience showed me that pitching shouldn't be so terrifying as I expected it to be, and it gave me confidence that my idea and presentation skills are good and will be even better with the practice.

    How will winning this money help you?

    It gives that much needed initial boost to cover some basic costs and do extended market research.

    What are your next steps?

    Applying for Fuel Award and Catalyst to develop the business even further.