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  • Hugo Mitford-Slade

    Brookes Spark Awards

    Enterprise and Entrepreneurship student

    Rhubarb Accourtre | Instagram: @rhubarb_accoutre |

    Hugo Mitford-Slade - Rhubarb Accourtre

    Tell us about your business

    I am setting up a clothing brand which I hope to be a popular choice amongst students. Clothing can be often expensive and lack personability. I want to be able to deliver my brand by making all my pieces limited, of high quality but affordable too. The brand will be aimed at promoting student welfare too as I will give students the opportunity to provide their expertise in making the brand suit them. The business will ultimately run on good ethics, clothes will be from Fairtrade sources and a percentage of the profits made will go back to student chosen charities.

    Tell us about your pitching experience for the Brookes Spark Award

    I had never pitched before and therefore I was nervous in sharing my ideas and beliefs to where I would like the brand to go. It is hard to empathise and level an idea with an audience and a great skill if it can be honed.

    How has taking part in the pitch improved your skill set?

    It has made me a lot more confident in myself but most importantly in what I believe in. I learnt that by simply being honest and passionate to others about what you want, more than often grabs their attention more than you think. Previously, I had only spoken about my ideas to friends and family, people that I had prior connection with. Once I spoke to others, I was worried if people would even like the idea. As the outcome was really positive, it made me realise that my excitement for the proposal could be shared and that gave me real self actualisation.

    How will winning this money help you?

    I want to expand the lines of clothing I am already promoting as well as target a wider audience. I am setting up a number of schemes to get students involved in the production and creativity of the future clothing lines so being able to fund these projects will be a great help.

    What are your next steps?

    I want to expand our main line of clothes that we produce so far that by summer we have 3 - 4 new pieces. I want to set up a scheme that allows students to design clothes too using our name. I really believe this will be a great way to make the brand young but also I know how hard it is for students with creative knowledge to put themselves out there and separate themselves from the rest. I want this brand to act as a level to inspire people to design but give them the credibility so they can have something to say that they designed. The motto of the brand is “for students, by students” and I want to keep it that way.