Enterprise support

Janarthan Parameswaran

Monday, 02 November 2020


Brookes Catalyst 2019 SHIFTE Information Technology Management for Business, 2017 graduate

Tell us a little about your business

While I was a student at university, I was working for four different security companies on a part-time basis. These companies would call to ask for covering last-minute shifts as well as temporary shifts. However, when the shifts were declined as university lectures were clashing, they would ask if I knew of anyone with a security guard (SIA) licence to help them out for a higher pay rate too. This would happen very often and therefore decided to build a solution which would connect the security guards in the local area with the security companies efficiently while saving them time and money.

SHIFTE is a recruitment marketplace app (SaaS) loaded with workforce management tools. Currently, SHIFTE is helping the manned security industry by bridging security companies with qualified security professionals. Businesses can outsource temporary labour instantly on SHIFTE saving cost, time, stress as well as creating guaranteed job opportunities for workers. SHIFTE is aiming to work with other regulated industries such as healthcare and construction soon, Our next development goals are to find options of integrating AI and cater for the gig-economy.

How has Brookes Enterprise Support helped you?

Brookes enterprise support has helped us build a foundation of structuring the business. It has also helped us provide valuable information from both the hosts and guest speakers. Listening and talking with successful entrepreneurs motivates us and it is one of the key factor that drives you to where you want to be and what you want to do next also by implementing what you have learnt from them.

"Every morning you have two choices. Sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them."