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  • Maria Grande

    Brookes Spark

    MSc Marketing, student

    M Collection | https://thehandcraftedcollection.com | Instagram: @mcollection1945

    Maria Grande

    Tell us about your business

    M Collection is an e-commerce shop that sells handmade shoes, clothes and accessories with a unique selling point of exclusivity, uniqueness and customisation. I’d like my business to empower women through the products, as well as in the workplace.

    Tell us about the pitching experience

    This was my first time pitching for the business. I was really nervous because I had to pitch for a crowd, but I thought that the fact that was being done in a pub created a more relaxing environment for me to pitch in. I would 100% recommend this to everyone, not only to pitch you idea but as audience as well.

    How has taking part in the pitch improved your skill set?

    It made me realise what points of the business I need to polish, as well as give me a better understanding on how to improve my pitch. Listening to all the questions the audience asked really gave me a chance to strengthen the business.

    How will winning this money help you?

    This money is going to help me launch a mini collection this upcoming may by help me cover all the production and material costs.

    What are your next steps?

    I am going to continue working on the business model, creating more products and collections to launch, as well as improving my social media pages for the brand.

    What does success once you have spent the money look like?

    Success for me would mean an increase in sales and an increase in the following and liking for the brand from my customers.