Enterprise support

  • Nicole Clewer

    Business start up

    Sports Coaching and Physical Education, recent graduate

    Nicole Clewer

    What idea did you pitch at the awards?

    I pitched Dot Dash Activewear. It’s a premium activewear brand that launched last year, in December 2017.

    How did you find the pitch?

    I was really nervous at first, because it was the first time I’d pitched to a panel. But the Dragons were really welcoming, so I felt calm and reassured quite quickly.

    What made you decide to take part in the Enterprise Support competition?

    A friend of mine told me about it, and I knew it was perfect for Dot Dash Activewear. I think it’s a fantastic concept and really wanted to be a part of it.

    How has Enterprise Support improved your skills in business?

    It’s certainly given me more confidence when talking in front of a group of people. And I learned about how to pitch – making sure you tell a story while pitching, rather than going straight in with business and financial talk. For me, that’s real, valuable advice.

    Has the competition given you some insight on how to succeed in the job market?

    As I said, the competition gave me more confidence in myself and my brand. The feedback I had from the Dragons was especially useful. I’m a new mother, so I’ve definitely gone through stages of doubt, but after the pitch, the feedback and the awards process I have a lot more self belief.

    Has taking part in the competition opened any doors for you?

    I was featured in The Oxford Times’ In Business paper. The journalist was impressed with my story and the fact that I pitched when I was four days overdue.

    What are your next steps?

    Taking over the activewear world, for sure.