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  • Patrycja Miskolczi

    Brookes Spark Awards

    Member of Staff

    Say Anything | Instagram: @Say Anything | Facebook www.facebook.com/sayanything

    Patrycja Miskolczi

    Tell us about your business

    Say Anything is a social enterprise project which aims to empower people who feel overwhelmed with their everyday life by connecting them with trusted community of mobile app users. The app will allow them to find their true voice by practicing expressive writing therapy, accepting their identity and embracing it through inspiring podcast stories. We hope to improve emotional well-being and prevent mental health problems.

    Tell us about your pitching experience for the Brookes Spark Award

    It was the first time I pitched and it was very challenging. The challenge was to combine 9 months of hard work, reading thousand of articles, speaking to hundreds of people, acting on my to-do list at 2am on numerous occasions, listening to hours of podcasts and motivational speeches and tons of emotional ups and downs into 5 minutes presentation. Plus, exposing myself and my project for the first time. However, it was so necessary and so rewarding to have a chance to present all of my work, give my project the recognition and test my presentation skills.

    How has taking part in the pitch improved your skill set?

    It definitely prompted me to prepare more, perhaps practice breathing exercise prior to pitching so that when I am in a stressful situation again, I don't do my usual of talking fast and thinking less!

    How will winning this money help you?

    This money will hopefully allow me to take my project to another level. My plan is to put part of the fund into creating analytical report of my target market and so that I can create a professional presentation for future investors and collaborators. I also aim to reward volunteers who will pilot test my mobile application. As a result, I will be able to officially publish my app on Apple and Google Store.

    What are your next steps?

    • Search for the right market analyst
    • Finish off Terms of Use and Privacy Policy plus the last couple of changes on actual app, then publish the pilot version
    • Send out links and feedback forms to volunteers
    • Start building social media presence
    • Carry on recording podcast interviews
    • Apply for FUEL award and the CATALYST programme run by Enterprise Support