Enterprise support

  • Prabh Simran Badal

    Tier 1

    BA Business Management and International Relations, graduated in 2015

    Prabh Simran Badal

    What is your business?

    My business is called Chirrup Foods. We make almond butter cookies with cricket powder, in three different flavours: minty matcha, espresso and chai latte. All our cookies are high protein and gluten, dairy and refined sugar free.

    Cricket powder is incredibly high in protein and one of the most sustainable forms of food, because it takes a fraction of the food and water resources that traditional meats need. It has the same amount of protein in by weight, too. Our ingredients are organic and wholesome, with no artificial preservatives or additives. And we have a new vegan cookie coming soon!

    Why did you want to take part in the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Scheme?

    I wanted to develop the cricket food idea further and see if there was any potential there. The scheme was perfect because it allowed me to do that under the guidance of mentors.

    How far are you into the scheme?

    I’ve just completed it.

    What have you learned while being on the scheme?

    I’ve learned how to practically execute the plans and theories I had. It’s been a great way to put my ideas into practice.

    What were the benefits of staying in England to start your business?

    It’s a very supportive environment – there are so many opportunities for startups, especially if you’re coming from university. The contacts I made at university and throughout the scheme have been amazing too.

    What do you plan on doing now?

    I’m applying for a business visa and hope to launch the business very soon.