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  • Sau Tsui

    Brookes Spark

    Early Childhood Studies, student

    Silence Breaker

    Sau Tsui

    Tell us about your business

    Silence Breakers is an app to support young people and families caring for their loved ones with Dementia. An app based on working and helping each other as a community through the tough journey that many people have, could or may potentially go through during such a difficult time.

    Tell us about the pitching experience

    Being able to pitch has helped me to develop my business structure and thinking process further in ways that I could not have thought of, and it was wonderful to hear feedback from the audience. Pitching at the pub was one of the terrifying experiences I have faced. I was so nervous before the pitch even when my friends arrived for support. Throughout the day I was nervous up until the end in which I felt a breath of relief when it ended although I felt my confidence grow as time passed. After I started talking about my business and passion for helping people in the community, my nerves began to dissolve as time went on. Having reassurance from family, friends and members of staff from the enterprise support team made a whole world of difference. I cannot thank them enough for their encouragement and support in me and my business.

    How has taking part in the pitch improved your skill set?

    Taking part has provided me with the experience of being able to pitch in front of potential investors and audiences that I could potentially face in the future. Practice makes perfect as some people say and that is something I tend to follow through, I hope to develop my confidence in public speaking further.

    How will winning this money help you?

    The money will be used for further market research with focus groups for the prototype based on the design, layout, content and feedback. While also being able to hire or collaborate with a coder/ programmer to start the process of the prototype, ready for a trial run.

    What are your next steps?

    Be able to take part in Catalyst to develop the business to get the app up and running in the foreseeable future

    Gather focus groups

    Develop further market research

    Develop Silence Breaker prototype

    Create and build a social media presence

    What does success look like once you have spent the money?

    The success I hope to gain is to be at the trial run stage of Silence Breaker for feedback in order for adaptations to be made before the official launch to the general public while also hoping to honour my grandmother and make my parents and family proud.