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  • Syamim Sirajudin

    Brookes Spark

    Business and Marketing Management, recent graduate

    Popiah | Instagram @popiah.uk| Facebook @popiah.uk | www.popiahuk.com

    Syamim Sirajudin

    Popiah focuses on sharing Malaysian food culture by allowing friends and family to have an interactive food experience by making rice paper rolls together.

    Tell us about your business/project

    Popiah as a business will be offering a rice paper rolling kit (Balut-lah*). Balut-lah focuses on sharing Malaysian food culture by allowing friends and family to have an interactive food experience by making rice paper rolls together.

    *Balut-lah is a spring roll kit that offers a selection of authentic Malaysian cooking ingredients. It’s a great way for food enthusiasts to WOW their family and friends by creating an interactive environment, perfect for small-medium sized lunch or dinner gatherings. The objective of the kit is to educate and involve guests to make their very own spring rolls just like how traditional homes in Malaysia have ‘popiah parties’, where ingredients are laid out for guests to make spring rolls to their personal liking.

    The kit will include dry and wet ingredients such as rice papers, bee hoon (rice noodles), ginger and chili infused soy sauce, hand-crushed Malaysian roasted peanuts, sun-kissed hibiscus petals, anchovy sambal and crisp fried shallots. For the easy complete Balut experience, it is suggested that fresh meat and vegetables are accompanied. An easy-to-follow recipe card will also be included to make the Malaysian spring roll making process as easy as possible.

    How was the pitching experience?

    My experience pitching for the Sparks awards was extremely useful as I networked with like-minded individuals, which provided me with collaboration opportunities for the business. Partaking in the pitch was also extremely positive as I was able to gain some feedback on my product offering. All in all, the Sparks award pitch was a positive experience as the Brookes Enterprise team have provided me valuable support which has boosted my confidence to apply to other funding awards.

    How has taking part in the pitch improved your skillset?

    I would say that taking part in the pitch have improved my public speaking skills as it was important for me to deliver my business idea in a clear and concise manner. I believe this is extremely important skill set for businesses like mine since I am applying to different funding awards.

    How will winning this money help?

    The monies will be used to conduct market research by running 5 different events in London and Oxford. This will include the experience of making the food product as well as the supply of the food product.

    What are your next steps?

    • To continue running pop up shops at One New Change, St Pauls London
    • Collaborate with established businesses by introducing Balut-lah as a food experience
    • Work on the product development of Balut-lah.

    What does success once you’ve spent the money look like?

    • An in-depth understanding of the UK food and beverage market
    • Product development of Balut-lah
    • Running pop up events (2-3 per week) that generate a significant amount of profit
    • Running of rice paper rolling experiences (2-3 per week).