Bolt On

Run throughout the year, it comprises one off events and workshops to help take your enterprising self to the next level.

About Bolt On

Bolt On and take your enterprising self to the next level. 

Whether you are thinking about starting a business, already on one of our start-up or entrepreneurial development courses, or simply want to boost your skills or self-knowledge; this series of events offers high quality content in a flexible format to increase your entrepreneurial growth.

Bolt On will take place throughout the year. Keep checking back here for details on upcoming events or sign up for our newsletter.

This series of events are aimed at Oxford Brookes University staff, students and graduates, but other people might find them interesting too.

Bolt On in 2023 (announced every 3 months)

coming soon - Navigating Networking

Navigating Networking

Wednesday February 22nd 

17:30 - 18:30    IN-PERSON @ the enterprise centre

'Navigating Networking' - 

A one-hour workshop designed to help you navigate the world of networking like a pro! Discover the secrets to building meaningful connections, creating a memorable first impression, and turn those connections into valuable relationships.

This workshop will provide practical tips and techniques to help you feel confident and comfortable in any networking situation. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your networking skills and grow your connections!"

Our host Sonya Barlow is the founder of LMF, her own diversity and careers consultancy. She specialises in helping organisations create inclusive cultures and building confidence in the workplace. She's passionate about teaching life skills and empowering people to reach their full potential.

Check out her brilliant TED Talk on YouTube, "Failures come before Resilience,"

coming soon - personal branding

Personal Branding

Wednesday March 15th

12:00-13:00  Online

Build your Personal Brand! 

This workshop will help you figure out what makes you special and how to be confident about it so you can show your uniqueness to others.

With expert guidance and hands-on exercises, you'll leave with a clear understanding of yourself as a brand and a plan to vitalise it and bring it to life. 

This is an unmissable opportunity to invest in yourself and your future success!

coming soon - productivity

Find Your Focus

Wednesday April 19th

12:00 - 13:00

'Finding Focus through Flow' - 

A workshop to help you increase productivity and understand your flow. Learn how to minimize distractions, and achieve more. in less time.

This is an invaluable hour, for anyone looking to maximize their efficiency and get the most out of their day. It's  especially helpful for those who are in exam preparation and / or demanding periods at work or life.

Join us in April to discover the secrets to staying focused and achieving your goals!"  

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