A lively pedagogical engagement with how to embed enterprise in the curriculum.

About Evolve

Evolve is a conference for academic and enterprise practitioners that is run annually and is taking place this year on Thursday the 26th of May 2022. 

It provides a time and place to enjoy a range of stimulating workshops, presentations, and cross-disciplinary discussions on many topics, such as inclusive curriculum design for enterprise and entrepreneurship education.

As the requirements of the world of work continue to evolve, it is important that we take advantage of the fourth Industrial Revolution (4thIR) both in transforming the enterprise and entrepreneurship education by preparing future entrepreneurs to understand the potential of developing business strategies that leverage on 4thIR and in developing an innovative, resilient, and adaptive mindset.

This year’s conference is titled ‘Exploring how the Fourth Industrial Revolution can support enterprise and entrepreneurship education for a smarter future.’ 

The conference is open to industry and academia experts from across Oxford Brookes University and beyond. 

Attending the conference lets you explore different ways to develop enterprising skills among staff and students. 

At Evolve you will:

  • better understand how to close the opportunity gap in your future professional pathways
  • see a range of case studies
  • showcase your own projects, initiatives and pedagogical research
  • network among peers 
  • attend workshops and develop your own skill set.  

Take a fresh look at developing enterprise education and entrepreneurship educational offerings. 

Join us for Evolve

Previous Conference Speakers

Dr Beldina Owalla
Professor Anne-Marie Kilday
Professor Tim Vorley
Daniel Evans
Omran Habbal
Carolyn Keenan
Danielle Roberts
Adil Delwar
Julia Pedersen
Haleh Moravej
Dr Jackie Brodie
Dr Renata Osowska
Ezechi Britton
Melanie Woolfenden
Clairine Chan
Dr Yuliana Topazly
Cheryl Cole
Professor Monder Ram
John Barker
Dr Nicolette Michels
Dr Sola Adesola
Toluwani Akaehomen

2020 Programme to be released soon