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    Are you ready to level up your business idea ?
    FUEL Award powered by Santander Universities is a 9-week business growth programme for those who are looking to scale up their current business. Each week you will develop the tangible skills needed to take your business to the next level. Through our weekly sessions and innovative online platform, you will walk away from the programme with a strong pitch deck equipping you with the skills to pitch for £2000 to grow your business.

  • FUEL Awards is a 9-week business scale up programme designed to help you grow your business and make your ideas happen.

    Each week you will learn the tangible skills needed to step up your business game. With our step-by-step programme and innovative online platform, you will learn all the techniques to achieve success and the skills needed to grow your business. By the end of the programme you will walk away with a completed pitchdeck ready to use at our pitching event where you can get your hands on £2000 of business development funding.

    Our unique hybrid delivery is designed to fit around your studies, with a combination of webinars and online meetings, you will get to interact with experts and other like-minded people on the same path as you. Our digital platform gives you a place to build and develop your ideas, receive direct feedback from the team and the opportunity to expand your network with others on the programme.

    This is an incredible opportunity for anyone that wants to gain valuable mentoring, expert training and the funds to take your business to the next level.

  • FUEL programme 21 January -  25 March 2021

    FUEL Info Session

    Thursday 21 January

    Discover if FUEL is right for you and meet other like minded people at our FUEL info session

    Week 1 - Value Propositions

    Monday 25 January

    In this first session we will be looking into your value proposition, to understand what makes your business attractive to your customers

    Week 2 - Key Customers / relationships

    Monday 1 February

    Your customers are at the heart of your business, but who are they? In this session we will identify your key customers and understand how you maintain a good relationship with them?

    Week 3 - Channels

    Monday 8 February

    Now we know who your customers are, how will you reach them? This session is about identifying your marketing channels to build traction with your customers

    Week 4 - Revenue Structure

    Monday 15 February

    Nailing down pricing can be a challenge, this session will help you get an understanding how your business earns money and how much your customers want to pay!

    Week 5 - Partners and resources

    Monday 22 February

    In this session we will be looking at who your key partners are and what resources are needed to offer value to your customers

    Week 6 - Cost Structure

    Monday 1 March

    Now you know your prices, this session will focus on your costs and overall finance, so that you walk away knowing how to maximise investment on your expenditure.

    Week 7 - Marketing

    Monday 8 March

    Now you understand your business better, its time to get the word out. In this session we will look at marketing analytics and making sense of these numbers!

    Week 8 - Pitches

    Monday 15 March

    The final webinar will look at giving you the confidence to deliver an impactful pitch, so that you are ready to pitch for the £2000


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