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    2019 shortlist

    Iris and Memet from Rent on Trend

    Iris Umiten, Memet Edikci

    Rent on Trend

    The UK's first online marketplace that connects brands and individuals to borrow and lend high end fashion items. Introducing the sharing economy to fashion and extending the concept of lending clothes in a simple, secure way. We provide the opportunity to make money by renting out their wardrobes whilst saving the planet.


    Jordon Maynard-Daley

    The Arts Excite

    A social enterprise that believes some of the most creative young people are the ones that fall out of the system. By delivering creative learning courses, we help to nurture and redirect their creativity so they can create positive outcomes for themselves, their employment prospects and the wider community.


    Harriet Speed


    A multi-dimensional project which strives to educate and inspire a new generation of designers and makers both on and off-line. Offering events and DIY kits that educate and inspire its audience by celebrating and promoting women in craft as well as highlighting how making can provide women with resilience and independence.

    Frano from Ignotus Travel

    Frano Lubura

    Ignotus Travel

    A travel agency which will use artificial intelligence to analyse customer profiles to take them to places they will love, they haven’t been before, and which are within their budget. All will be organised as a surprise and the destination revealed to the customer only at the airport. Be part of the adventure!


    Joshua Morris

    HE Software Limited

    A software development company specialising in creating modern, powerful and integral applications for HE providers. Our flagship product, ClearCourse, is a real-time, collaborative course management and clearing admission system, making strategic, data-driven decisions. ClearCourse improves HE providers' legal compliance, efficiency, and more.

    Alex, Ben and Tom from OXFORD ROBOTICS

    Alex Austin, Tom Baker, Rob Hillman, Ben Brearey

    Oxford Robotics

    Our aim is to develop technologies that enhance immersive content and make such technologies available to a wider audience. Our first product coming to market is a glove-based controller taking physical gestures and turning them into control commands, with applications within the gaming and health and social care sectors.

    Harry from OneCup

    Harry Hall


    Our mission is to eliminate the production of waste from single-use plastic containers. Members can go to affiliated cafés, use our app to check out a reusable OneCup and enjoy a discounted take away coffee. OneCup’s members can cut costs, reduce waste and keep the convenience of not having to carry around their own reusable cup.

    Andrea and Tina from Studiare in UK

    Andrea Nicassio, Tina Poletto

    Studiare in UK

    We aim to support Italian students who want to study in UK universities, providing Skype 1:1 mentoring, general Q&A, personal statement proofreading and campus tour. We are Tina and Andrea, Brookes Business students. We support young people in building their success, following them in their personal development and career choices.

    Tim from HydroVision

    Tim Allen


    HydroVision is the market leader for custom painted cycling accessories in the UK, producing bespoke cycling glasses and helmets to suit every individual customer’s style and desire. We are all about providing customers with a first class experience to create a unique pair of glasses to suit their needs.

    Simon and Ben from Fröganic

    Simon Stott, Ludo Meaby, Ben Hatcliffe


    The UK’s first frozen, organic, food retailer. For too long, supermarkets have destroyed the reputation of frozen food and have profit-maximised an already profitable product. Our vision is to rebrand frozen food by offering a quality-centred and sustainable experience for our customers, through our products and vision for the future.