Enterprise support

Access Enterprise Award 2019

Wednesday, 08 May 2019


We are excited to announce the Access Enterprise Awards winners for 2019! Read on to find out more about our winners and their initiatives.

The Access Enterprise Grant (AEG) is a flexible rolling fund, providing successful applicants with up to £1,000 of funding to promote the development, or enhancement, of taught curricular programmes that provide opportunities for students to gain enterprise capabilities as part of their studies.

The grant could go towards field trips, events, guest speakers, or the production of teaching materials for example. Successful projects tend to be those which promote the development of taught curricular programmes, whilst providing students with opportunities to learn enterprise capabilities as part of their studies.

The following projects obtained the AEG this year due their innovative and creative ways to enhance the student experience. The projects span different faculties as the grant is inclusive to all types of projects with focus on different aspects.

Dr. Irene Hill

Project Name: Languages and Cultures at Work – Understanding organisations

Faculty: HSS

This project will create clear links between the work-in sessions in the Y2, ‘The Business Environment in Europe’ compulsory module of the BA(Hons) in Applied Languages and the World of Work. Working in tandem with Oxford Professional Consulting and international organisations, the intention is to focus the module less on the economy and more on developing career and workplace skills ahead of the students’ compulsory placement year abroad. It is intended to support the students in gaining a better understanding of the world of work including the development of specific business communication skills as opposed to general communication skills.

Laura Novo de Azevedo

Project Name: Making Sense: enabling students to translate their knowledge and skills into a language that employers will understand

Faculty: TDE

In preparation for the End of Year Show, the project will involve the delivery of talks and workshops across the schools in the Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment to help students to understand how to translate their curricular and co-curricular experiences into a collection of knowledge and skills that are attractive and make sense to employers. By taking part in the project students will be prepared to professionally present their work at events such as the End of Year Show as well as portfolios, CVs and social media.

Project Name: BrookesBUDS 2019 - Brazil Urban Design Study. Experiencing cross cultural professional practice in Urban Design.

BrookesBUDS (Brazil Urban Design Study) is an extra-curricular activity focusing on fostering cross-cultural, real-life experiences of urban design for students from Brookes and from partner universities in Brazil. Through BUDS, Brookes students have the opportunity to work on collaborative projects with universities, local councils and communities in Brazil on live projects in urban design. Brookes BUDS 2019 will work in partnership with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro to develop urban design guidance for large scale social housing in Brazil to ensure that not only housing numbers are met but that they also deliver good places for people.

David Carugo

Project Name: BrookesFest Music Production

Faculty: TDE

BrookesFest is an opportunity for students from the School of Arts and the Business School to collaborate on organising, planning and producing a boutique music festival for Brookes and the local community. Under the supervision of academic staff with decades of experience of event and production management, the students work in management, production, and talent liaison teams in addition to performing at the event themselves alongside exciting and engaging artists and bands. This approach shows students that while you can have extensions for assignment deadlines, the reality of the events industry is very different: The show must go on!

Project Name: Widening Graduate Employment Options Via Music Industry Tradeshows

Students of Music, Music Production and Music Technology often have career aspirations of being professional musicians or music producers. However, the reality of the industry is that there are as many, if not more, people working in the support of those creatives, than there are actually within the creative roles. In order to expose students to professionals within the industry who use their skills as facilitators of creative work it makes sense to bring them to somewhere there will be a large number of product designers, testers, tech support and sales staff, company owners, etc., from many different organisations: Tradeshows!

Gina Dalton

Project Name: Visualising and Communicating Students’ Enterprise and Employability Journeys  

Faculty: TDE

The overall aim of the project is to easily visualise and understand the complexity of the students' journeys at Brookes in terms of enterprise, employability, and work experience opportunities.

This would support communication, comparison and the continual improvement of programmes through articulating graphically how students' journeys towards the world of graduate work are linked throughout their programme, both from module to module and between and outside the curriculum. The infographic could become part of the validated programme documentation and made available on the course webpages.

Andrea Mcrae

Project Name: Literary Enterprise

Faculty: HSS

The Literary Enterprise project supports English Literature students in developing skills and competencies in enterprise, through a pathway within the Work Placement and Graduate Skills in English Literature module. Students work in groups to design a business proposal for a literary product or service during a series of workshops and tutorials. The workshops provide students with an introduction to enterprise, idea generation, the Business Model Canvas, teamwork, project management, and marketing and communications. The groups present aspects of their business proposal for peer and tutor feedback. Funding is used to develop online learning resources to support the workshops.

Beverly Fulton

Project Name: BrookesFest2019 - A sustainable festival FOR the students; created BY the

students of Oxford Brookes University

Faculty: Business School

BrookesFest is a boutique event providing students with an opportunity to inspire others by celebrating and showcasing the diverse range of skills, talents, and creativity across the university, while putting into practice the learning acquired during their academic studies.

Students from the Events Management programme will take on the challenge of researching, planning and delivering the event from start to finish as part of an enhanced learning opportunity. They will be overseen by “Event Directors” composed of events management lecturers.

Through collaboration with departments across the university, and partners in the wider community, BrookesFest aims to provide a day of celebrating our students’ talent, showcase the university, and provide a unique learning experience that can be built upon year after year.