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It's time for the FUEL Awards Final!

Tuesday, 26 March 2019


It’s time for the final showdown! After all the hard work, the anticipation, the pitching and the competition, the finalists for FUEL 2019 have been chosen!

It’s time for the final showdown!

After all the hard work, the anticipation, and the practise, the finalists for FUEL 2019 have been selected!

This year has been a monumental year for the FUEL awards, with over 90 businesses applying. The process to narrow down to the top 20 was not an easy task, the intense competition was apparent when each applicant pitched their businesses and ideas on the semi-finals and everyone did a spectacular job. Finally, with great difficulty, we were able to pick the top 10 contestants of the year.

After the finalists were selected, they had to go through a rigorous mentoring process to refine their pitches and increase their public business profile. The whole process was aimed at maximizing their chances of walking away with the £3000.

The final award ceremony will be held on the 27th of March and it will be a dazzling night with a gourmet buffet, sparkling prosecco and a red carpet.

We are excited to announce that our 10 amazing finalists are listed below!

Creative Design:

Jordon Maynard-Daley (The Arts Excite CIC)

The Arts Excite CIC is a social enterprise that believes some of the most creative young people are the ones that fall out of the system. So, we exist to help create positive outcomes for them, their employment prospects and the community.

Harriet Speed (THIS GIRL MAKES)

THIS GIRL MAKES is a multi-dimensional project that started as a blog in September 2016, which now consists of an events programme, build-at-home kit, publication, and exhibition. Taking inspiration from the THIS GIRL CAN movement, the initiative celebrates women in the craft and design industries, in pursuit of removing the outdated view of gendered job roles. It also strives to educate and inspire a new generation of makers, as well as highlighting how making can provide women with resilience and independence.

Tech and Digital:

Alex Austin & Team (Oxford Robotic Innovations)

ORI is an oxford based robotics tech startup, currently focusing on telepresence and immersive technologies. Founded by Alex Austin with co-founders Tom Baker and Rob Hillman.

Joshua Morris (ClearCourse)

HE Software is a software development company specialising in creating modern, powerful and integral applications for Higher Education (HE) providers.

Our flagship product, ClearCourse, is a real-time, collaborative course management and clearing admission system. Designed to integrate with existing solutions, ClearCourse improves HE providers legal compliance, efficiency, search engine rankings, and more.

Social Impact and Green Business

Harrison Hall (OneCup)

OneCup’s mission is to eliminate the production of waste from single-use plastic containers. We do this by replacing them with quality reusables at points of need, starting with coffee cups. Members can go to any affiliated café, use our app to check out a quality reusable OneCup and enjoy a discounted take away coffee. When finished, they can use the app to locate another participating café and return the cup so it can be washed and reused.

Simon Stott & Team  (Froganic)

Fröganic, the UK’s first frozen, organic, food retailer. Our vision is to rebrand frozen food by offering a quality-centred and sustainable experience for our customers, through our

products and vision for the future.

Innovative Concept Award:

Iris Umiten (Rent on Trend)

Rent on Trend is the UK’s first online marketplace that connects brands and individuals to borrow and lend high end fashion items. Introducing the sharing economy to fashion and extending the concept of lending clothes in a simple, secure and convenient way.

Frano Lubura (Ignotus Travel)

Ignotus Travel Ltd is a travel agency which will use artificial intelligence to analyse customer profiles to take them to places they will love, they haven’t been before, and which are within their budget. All will be organised as a surprise and the destination revealed to the customer only at the airport.

New Business Award:

Tina Polletto (Studiare in UK)

‘Studiare in UK’ (Study in the UK) aims to support Italian students who want to study in UK universities. By providing Skype 1:1 mentoring on UCAS application, general Q&A, personal statement proofreading and campus tour. We are Tina and Andrea, Brookes Business students. We support young people in building their success, following them in their personal development and career choices.

Tim Allen (HydroVision)

HydroVision is the market leader for custom painted cycling accessories in the UK, producing bespoke cycling glasses and helmets to suit every individual customer’s style and desire.

This year we will have the People’s Choice Award where you, the audience, will get to decide which finalist will win additional funding as the People’s Choice! So come down to the SU Hall to support your favourites!

With the final 10 chosen, now comes the final battle between the entrepreneurs for the coveted £3000 prize!!