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Friday, 01 March 2019


On Wednesday 6th March, we are celebrating all our remarkable women at Brookes, both past and present in honor of International Women's Day 2019!

Remarkability is not an exclusive trait restricted to a set group of people as it transcends race, gender or any other set characteristic. #IamRemarkable is a much-needed initiative by Google to represent women who are underrepresented that have achieved remarkable accomplishments in their respective fields but have gone unheard or uncelebrated.

Oxford Brookes University is no stranger when it comes to women who are absolutely remarkable and making a mark through their creative businesses and business ideas. On International Women’s Day the Brookes Enterprise support team is partnering with Google to get the #IamRemarkable initiative to come to Oxford Brookes University to showcase some incredible Brookes alumni and other women who have made waves in their respective fields. This exclusive event will feature workshops run by Brookes alumni and empowering women working in different fields who have excelled in their particular field of business and have advice for others who are either looking to start their own businesses or jump into a new career.

These are the amazing speakers who will be speaking on our International Women's Day panel:

Anneka Wallington (Recognised)

Anneka is an Oxford Brookes alumna who has made waves with her jewellery business called “Recognised”. She started her business idea in Brookes and went on to win $3000 from Brookes Enterprise support to get her business idea off the ground. Her jewellery business is truly unique as it is a socially mindful business that brings light to important causes through the sale of Jewellery. Anneka’s business aims to bring fashion and social awareness together to make the world a better and a more fashionable place.

Nicole Clewer (Dot and Dash Activewear)

Nicole is an Oxford Brookes alumna who is a fitness/fashion powerhouse. She has dived into the activewear world through her business called Dot Dash Activewear. She is a confident and empowering businesswoman, who has taken the activewear world by storm! Plus, did we mention that she’s also a full-time mom and a record holding power lifter?

Nicole won funding through Brookes Enterprise support as Dot Dash Activewear showed amazing potential as a business and presently is achieving new milestones every day. Dot Dash Activewear provides customers with premium activewear which makes you look and feel amazing.

Genevieve Randall

This amazing Brookes alumna is a former synchronized swimmer for Great Britain and now is both a Stuntwoman and a Model. Her athleticism and drive have become a part of her life and it is truly empowering to see her in her element doing truly remarkable things.

Leigh Robinson (BASEBOX UK)

Ever wanted to experience fitness combined with dance that leaves you feeling amazing inside out? Well Leigh, the founder of BASEBOX UK, has everything you need. BASEBOX UK is an alternative dance environment that is influenced by Hip-Hop and embraces the values of Love, Peace and Unity which will have you begging for more. By the way, Leigh is also a Brookes alumna!

Fiona (Boss your PR)

Fiona is a PR maven that knows exactly what she’s doing! She also specializes in getting small businesses on their feet and demystifies marketing via showcasing conventional and practical ways to handle the PR for small businesses, without the complicated technicalities. She has over 6 years of experience running her own PR firm and also has worked with big names like Vogue, Elle, The Sunday Times and so many more. 

The workshops will kick off with an exclusive brunch with these amazing women, leading into two #IamRemarkable workshops with Google, based on Female Self Promotion and Empowerment.

Having these amazing women sharing their experiences and tricks of the trade is truly remarkable so this is not an event to be missed.

Join us for the exclusive upcoming events by visiting /enterprise/events/ and get your ticket now as there’s only a limited amount left!