Expert Mentoring and Business Coaching

Our pool of expert mentors and business coaches can help you move forward and up to the next level of growth.

About Expert Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and coaching is a crucial element to todays life - whether you are seeking to improve your performance, transform your life or have hit upon a stumbling block in your start up / spin out / enterprise which you need help with;  Oxford Brookes Enterprise Support has a large pool of expert mentors and business coaches to draw from who can support you to reach your next phase of growth. 

Please note that;

  • priority is always given to the alumni of our courses first, followed by students, staff and alumni from Oxford Brookes 
  • access to expert mentors and business coaches is assessed on a case by case basis
  • access to this service is not guaranteed
  • the number of sessions is limited to 3 per 'client'

Find out about some of the people we work with

Cassie Jane
Maxine Nawaneri
Marcus Siddons
Vanessa Swann
Phil Wakefield
Dr Fawzi Abou Chahine
Mim Syamim
Jennifer Manson

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