A short course for all involved in research to help them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and explore alternative pathways within research practice to the more formal / traditional routes.

About B.R.I.D.G.E

The Building Researchers Innovation and Developing Goals with Enterprise (B.R.I.D.G.E) course offers an introduction to entrepreneurship for researchers from any discipline and at any stage of their career.

This short course will help you to develop your entrepreneurial mindset and expand your commercial knowledge so that you can start to explore with confidence, a variety of alternative pathways within your research practice to the more formal or traditional academic routes. 

By providing an integrated approach to enterprise, entrepreneurship, and innovation as part of a researchers' broader development it doesn't matter if you have little or no business experience, because the course will help you to build your skills, understanding and comfort in operating in a more commercial and opportunistic way. 

Furthermore, BRIDGE will be part of the developing cross-faculty research community where collaboration and knowledge exchange easily takes place.  It wishes to actively encourage researchers to work together by bringing together their specific discipline specialities for mutual gain and institutional benefit. 

BRIDGE - previous masterclass leaders and experts

Jennifer Manson
Dr. Ed Cole
Cheryl Cole
Charles King
Dr Fawzi Abou-Chahine

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