Founders First Friday

Founders First Friday is a monthly event taking place online on the FIRST FRIDAY of every month. Here FOUNDERS can meet, connect, crowdsource solutions and learn alongside like-minded individuals.

About Founders First Friday

Founders First Friday is a monthly event for all startups and scale-ups to come together, connect, crowd source solutions, gain support and grow their enterprise along with their like-minded individuals peers.

Delivered over ONLINE over lunchtime on the FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH, Founders First Friday offers you  the opportunity to learn from expert guests, share experiences with each other, reach out for advice and guidance, and find answers among a supportive community. 

Founders First Friday is a the place to be with people who are on the same journey as you.

We want to hear about what you want to hear about - get in touch and shape the programming to make the content what you want, so the programming for Founders will be released on a quarterly basis.  This will allow you plan your time and also help to shape the look and feel of this community. 

Audience: Founders of Startups and Scale-ups who have an established and registered business, and those seeking support to get there. 

Upcoming Events

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Friday 3rd February 2023


12:30-14:00  ONLINE

Tina Poletto's Session on Sales

Sales are one of the most essential parts of your business, yet the most underestimated one!

Effective selling is all about getting to know your clients, their problems and their needs. Through in-depth analysis and interactive exercises, Tina will help you to able to identify your client's characteristics and develop an understanding of the best ways to support them with your products and/or service.

In this 90 minute session will will be guided on how to manage of the core aspect of your business independently from your background and expertise, and leave with confidence and practical tools to start generating revenue.

Tina has based the session on her personal experience as a student-business founder and the secret of the success I've had with our company Studey Ltd over the past 4 years.

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Friday 3rd March 2023 

12:30-14:00   ONLINE

Waleed Khalid from Oxford Talks

What are NFT's, what is Blockchain and Web 3.0 Technology?

Waleed talks eloquently about all of these areas.  If you want to find out and understand what these are, how to use them to your best ability and how to apply them to any business, come along to the approachable and easy access talk. 

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Friday 31st MARCH 2023

GOOD FRIDAY SPECIAL brought to you early.

12:30-14:00 ONLINE

Negotiation Skills through Skilful Practise with Phil Brown from The Negotiation Club

Books, videos, and demonstrations alone cannot teach us how to negotiate. Because in any endeavour, success depends on practice, and those who actively practice their negotiation skills regularly will find that they continually outperform every other person they encounter. 

Come to this workshop and take giant steps towards negotiation mastery.

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