Founders First Friday

Founders First Friday is a monthly event taking place online on the FIRST FRIDAY of every month. Here FOUNDERS can meet, connect, crowdsource solutions and learn alongside like-minded individuals.

About Founders First Friday

Founders First Friday is a monthly event for all startups and scale-ups to come together, connect, crowd source solutions, gain support and grow their enterprise along with their like-minded individuals peers.

Delivered over ONLINE over lunchtime on the FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH, Founders First Friday offers you  the opportunity to learn from expert guests, share experiences with each other, reach out for advice and guidance, and find answers among a supportive community. 

Founders First Friday is a the place to be with people who are on the same journey as you.

We want to hear about what you want to hear about - get in touch and shape the programming to make the content what you want, so the programming for Founders will be released on a quarterly basis.  This will allow you plan your time and also help to shape the look and feel of this community. 

Audience: Founders of Startups and Scale-ups who have an established and registered business, and those seeking support to get there. 

Upcoming Events

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Friday 4th November 2022 

12:30-14:00  ONLINE

Get your social media strategy sorted with Cassie Jane @ Maid in Media

Having a strategy ensures every bit of time, energy and sanity going into your social media will impact, and bring you closer to, your overarching business goal. Never again will you not know what to post. You will have your content planned, created and scheduled with plenty of time to do what you do best… your business!

In 90 mins Cassie will help you dive deep into your business goals, so you can identify the right audiences, platforms and content you need to make the most amount of impact in the least amount of time.

By attending this Master Class, you 'll also get access to the exclusive Maid in Media Members group - a space for past and current clients to receive even more support.

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Friday 2nd December 2022  

12:30-14:00   ONLINE

The Importance of the Founder Story told by Muhammad Syamim Bin (Mim) @ POPIAH

Learning to talk about your business is crucial for your company’s success. Whether you're telling it to investors or just customers reading your website, people want to know about the person behind the company as well as it's products

In this 90 minute session, you will hear from Mim  how he founded his modern Malaysian food concept - Popiah

There is no one way to be a founder of a business and in this session Mim will explore how he developed his food brand Popiah through his own life experiences.

In this  session he aims to guide you to finding your business idea and developing it with true passion. He'll demonstrate how you can craft your own founder story  making it one that will connect to your audience connect and make them curious about your journey.

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Friday 3rd February 2023 

12:30-14:00  ONLINE

Sell, Sell, Sell

We all know that selling your product and / or service is vital to the growth of your business; but how is this done?  Are you a fan of the nuanced and the subtle or do you prefer a more direct colourful and loud approach?  Which one appeals best to your client or consumer?

In this 90 mins you will learn how to punch above your weight by matching the right pathway between you and your customer, making the journey to a sale smoother, easier, faster, and more enjoyable 

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