Business Development

  • The Business Development Office within RBDO

    The primary objective of the Business Development Office is to develop knowledge exchange activities, commercialisation and engagement with employers, delivering high quality, effective and business-focused advice and services.

    What we do:

    • Help to identify and develop opportunities with commercial potential, working with academic colleagues to support their involvement in commercial activities which complement and enhance research and teaching.
    • Through the application of the HEIF fund, we provide intensive support and investment in business ideas to generate commercial revenue (Business Enterprise Projects, Proof of Concept and Commercialisation Projects and Marketing Initiatives).
    • Protect and exploit intellectual property.
    • Develop networks and partnerships for engagement in business enterprise activities including Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP), Sponsorships and Awards, and support student projects, placements and graduate opportunities.
    • Support student enterprise and manage the Oxford Brookes Social Entrepreneur Awards Programme (OBSEA) and Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Scheme.

    Please visit our Business and Employers web pages for more information.

    The Business Development Team is led by David Hartley, Commercialisation and Knowledge Exchange Director.

    See our full list of business development contacts.