Online Expense Claims

From 19 September 2018 all expense claims will be processed via a new online system; this replaces the paper-based claim process. Video and other training materials on how to use the system are provided below.

Payments Team

Initial access

If you wish to claim an expense, please email your Oxford Brookes University staff contact in the first instance.  They will then contact the relevant Faculty / Directorate finance team to request your access to the system, and once this is authorised you will be emailed invitation to access the system.  

This initiative is aimed at modernising the way that the University reviews, reconciles, processes and analyses cash and card expense claims for staff and associates of the University, while providing users with improved control, flexibility, visibility and security. The diagram below provides a guide to how the process works.

An illustration of the end to end expense process

Video tutorials

How to submit a cash expense

This video shows how to submit a cash expense using the Online Expenses Management system.

How to use the system's wallet function

Allows users to photograph, save, review and attach receipts to claim submissions.