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      Committed to raising the profile for Geography undergraduate research

  • GEOVERSITY is a Geography eJournal which welcomes articles from Oxford Brookes University undergraduates, and can be based on any research work undertaken during their degree. We are interested in any individual essays, work within a group project, a dissertation, or even independent study.

    The aim behind the project is to enable Oxford Brookes University undergraduate Geography students to get their work published.

    All papers submitted will undergo a constructive review by postgraduate reviewers followed by a decision on whether to publish by the Editorial Board (comprised of Oxford Brookes University Lecturers and students). Papers will then be published on the GEOVERSITY web site for other students, tutors and members of the general public to access.

    Successful undergraduates can benefit by using their published article as evidence within their portfolio, so enhancing their employability prospects, as well as providing a stepping stone into a career in research.