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      Committed to raising the profile for Geography undergraduate research

  • Frequently asked questions

  • Geoversity offers an exciting opportunity for students at Oxford Brookes University to get their work published. Having an article published in Geoversity shows evidence of your research writing ability and enhances your personal portfolio. Some of the authors who have had their papers published by Geoversity, have used their publication in the journal as a stepping stone into their career in research.

    Geoversity is interested in receiving papers as well as other interactive resources for publication from a diverse range of Geography specialisms. Papers or resources accepted for publication with Geoversity will be available to view on-line, and to a world-wide audience.

    Submitting an article for publication allows you to receive feedback from specialists in your area, which helps you to refine your article so that it is to the very highest standard. If you are not sure if your article is at the right standard or want to discuss ideas for an article, please contact Dr Helen Walkington hwalkington@brookes.ac.uk for advice.

    Geoversity is committed to raising the profile for Geography undergraduate research at Oxford Brookes, and offers student authors the opportunity to submit their work for publication, for free, whilst retaining ownership of their articles.

    The Geoversity e-journal has no cut-off dates for publication, and offers a rolling submission program. You can therefore submit an article at anytime as long as the research was carried out when you were an undergraduate.

    The Editors and members of the Geoversity Editorial Advisory Board, have a broad variety of specialist knowledge, and are able to provide excellent guidance for the writing of articles in many specialist areas.

    Once you have submitted your article to Helen Walkington (Project Director), the article is then rendered anonymous prior to review, and prepared for publication on the Geoversity wiki. The wiki is used so that reviewers and editors can all discuss the article or resource without the need for printing or e-mails, in a secure area.

    Two editorial reviewers, who are specialists in the topic, are contacted and granted secure access to review the article (or resource), and leave comments, in order to improve the article. An editor is then assigned and also granted access to the article, where the comments left from the reviewers are considered, and often further comments added. A decision is made by the editor as to whether the article should be accepted, accepted with some revisions, or rejected. The author is then contacted with the decision. In most cases there are small revisions to be made and lots of help and guidance is provided to support authors.

    In the case of the article being accepted with revisions, the comments made by the reviewers and editor are given to the author, so that these can be addressed before re-submission. Once the article is finally accepted for publication the author is then identified with the article, and an agreement form is signed by the author and the work is published on-line.

    Depending on the availability of the editors and editorial reviewers the timescale for this process can take some months.

    Before publication the author is sent an author agreement form. The author should sign this form agreeing that:

    • You (the author/s) give us (Geoversity) permission to publish the article.
    • You (the author/s) confirm that this is your original work, and that the work has not been previously published.
    • You (the author/s) allow us (Geoversity) permission to apply for a Creative Commons licence on your behalf, and in your name.

    By agreeing to these terms, we (at Geoversity) agree to:

    • To respect your moral rights as the author/s of the article or resource, and will ensure that your name is always associated with your article.
    • To ensure that Geoversity ISSN: 1758-8022 is always associated with your article.
    • To publish your article or resource at http://www.brookes.ac.uk/geoversity/

    Note: A Creative Commons Licence allows commercial use of your work, with no further modifications, and is valid within the United Kingdom.