Oxford Brookes online Student Research Collection

  • Publication procedure

    Alternative route i.e. for those NOT attending the Get Published! conference.

    There is no deadline - we operate a rolling publication system.

    Step 1

    Submit work to your supervisor / module leader for email confirmation that the work is ‘first class’ or ‘publishable’. Keep a record of this, e.g. a pdf of the email, as you will be asked to forward a copy of the email with your work.

    Step 2

    Reformat the work so it meets the requirements of being publishable beyond the university.

    We do not accept:

    • full dissertations or essays

    We do accept formats suited to a public audience e.g:

    • a poster - guidelines are online
    • a short (less than 2 minutes) talk to camera (can be made anywhere, just submit a digital file)
    • a briefing paper
    • journal article style paper (e.g. with an abstract, subsections and keywords)
    • an executive summary of the work
    • a podcast
    • an image of your own art work or design with accompanying text

    We can accept standard digital formats (e.g. pdf, wav, mp3, mp4). For any other formats please contact us to check via getpublished@brookes.ac.uk

    Step 3

    Check the copyright status of your work in order to confirm that there is no copyright infringement e.g. sound or borrowed images, and that everything is meticulously referenced.

    We highly recommend that you complete our copyright course in Moodle. You’ll get a digital badge and can add this course to your CV / LinkedIn page when you’ve completed it. It provides all the information you need to check your work.

    Step 4

    Contact the Get Published! project via getpublished@brookes.ac.uk to confirm that you are ready to submit your work and attach your supervisor / module leader’s email evidence (step 1) to prove it has academic staff approval and verify that it has no copyright issues.

    Step 5

    Get Published! will reply with a link for you to upload your work.

    Step 6

    Once your work is published you will be given a permanent record to your work in the Get Published! online student research collection so you can share the link with others and continue to access your publication.