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  • OBAH Ras al Khaimah Julfar
  • Ras al Khaimah, Julfar

    Rescue excavation at the major port site of Julfar, one of only two medieval towns on the Arabian shore of the Gulf, and a focus for international trade in the Indian Ocean. The work is on behalf of the Government of Ras al-Khaimah, prior to the building of a desalination plant on a portion of the site. It entails excavation and recording by a professional team to UK standards, geophysical survey (magnetometry), geoarchaeological survey, and full specialist analyses.

    Julfar, was once situated on a lagoon and series of navigable channels. This lagoon, for millennia the focus of human activity in this area, is now largely infilled with sediment. Geoarchaeological work at the site is aiming to map the extent and depth of the lagoon sediments through a geoarchaeological borehole survey. Preliminary results indicate the presence of lagoon and channel sediments interdigitating with terrestrial beach sediments to the north and east of the sand bank on which al-Nudud is situated suggesting fluctuations in relative sea level.

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