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  • Bahrain, Fakhro Amara (Phase 1)

    Rescue excavation and recording of standing architecture at the Fakhro ‘Amara, a partially collapsed historic warehouse in Muharraq built in the late 19th or early 20th century AD. This large building is to be developed as part of a Historic Pearling Trail being constructed by the Ministry of Culture and Information. The work entailed the application of standard archaeological techniques in a challenging environment (unstable walling, hazardous materials and high temperatures). UK standards of Health and Safety were successfully applied. As well as producing the first archaeological record of this kind of traditional architecture, the excavation revealed much about the 19th century occupation of Muharraq, as well as the transition to modern architecture and a modern economy. A hitherto undocumented late Umayyad or early Abbasid occupation (late 7th/early 8th c. AD) of Muharraq was revealed, leading to Phase 2 excavations.

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