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    Oliver Pearson

    Operating Department Practice

    I have been given great career opportunities following the completion of this course.

    This was a great course to have completed. I was provided with skills and an education that enabled me to work throughout the hospital environment, not just the operating department.

    The different placements throughout the course expose students to each speciality and equipped me with the ability to work flexibly. This is important as no two departments, hospitals or Trusts are the same. In particular, I enjoyed working at the John Radcliffe, where a wide variety of surgical procedures took place each day, giving me a great opportunity to learn.

    I completed the course in 2001 and immediately took a post working in anaesthesia and recovery in the main operating theatres at the John Radcliffe Hospital. I progressed through to become a Senior ODP, specialising in cardiac surgery. I then joined a small team working on blood conservation during surgery where I worked until 2007. I left to work in industry and have been working in various industry roles related to healthcare ever since.

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    Sam Kimsey


    I have been offered GIS work in Mexico with a research organisation from the UK.

    Prior to my application, I had a discussion with one of the lecturers who laid out all of the courses that the department offered. I took one look at the Biology course and knew it was right for me.

    Biology is such a diverse topic; there are many areas to specialise in, from cell biology to landscape conservation. I was so unsure about university to begin with, but three years on I regret nothing and I’m already looking for a new project!

    In my first year I went to the South of France to undertake a range of environmental survey techniques, which was fantastic. For my final year project I went to South Africa for six weeks to study herbivore relationships to fire impacted areas. I got to spend time with fantastic people, experience close encounters with wildlife and even participate in the capture and relocation of a white rhino, which was the pinnacle of the trip.

    Following on from my work in South Africa I have multiple options open to me. I have experience working with Geographical Information Systems, which is a piece of software used to map areas and carry out complex spatial analysis, and I have subsequently been offered GIS work in Mexico with a research organisation from the UK.

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    Dipesh Patel


    My degree has opened so many doors for me.

    The challenging nature of my course has allowed me to develop my note taking, memorisation, organisation and teamwork skills, which have proved invaluable during my employment.

    After I graduated, a world of opportunity opened up for me. I have been lucky enough to be selected for a number of roles where competition was high. I became the managing director of the franchise Miss India UK, which allowed me to develop my skills in IT, PR and media, in many different countries around the world.

    In my current employment with Oxford Global I seek representation from some of the world’s best-respected pharmaceutical companies, at an array of international life science events. This includes relationship management with decision makers hailing from all over the globe.

    I would definitely recommend this course to prospective students. There is a good choice of modules that are taught in a well-structured and interactive manner. The tutors and lecturers are very supportive and more than happy to help. I believe that my degree has really helped with regard to securing job opportunities.

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    Ferdos Abid Ali

    Biomedical Science

    The prospect of working towards something that could prevent disease was exhilarating.

    I chose to study at Brookes because my friends had been raving about the Biology department. When I attended an Open Day I was really impressed with the cutting edge facilities and the approachable staff.

    On the course, I got the chance to work at the division of structural biology (STRUBI) as part of my third year project. Whilst there I applied the theoretical knowledge I had gained in university and carried out experiments using new techniques.

    The prospect of working towards something that could prevent disease was exhilarating and learning about all of the laboratory procedures, from cloning to crystallisation, was undoubtedly a defining experience as an aspiring scientist.

    After graduating in May, I went back to STRUBI as a paid research assistant for four months. I’ve now started an MRes course in Cancer Biology at Imperial College with the next step being a PhD and a career in cancer research.

    Ceri Stokes student profile 800x800

    Ceri Stokes

    Human Biology

    The course was perfect for me.

    I chose Oxford Brookes for a number of reasons, the main reason being that the course was perfect for me. The modules were interesting and exciting, the campus is incredible and I got a really good feeling on my first visit.

    I would definitely recommend my course. The material was exciting and the lecturers were really supportive. I never felt afraid to ask a question, or felt silly if I didn’t understand something. I really feel that I have been prepared for my future career through the knowledge and skills I have learnt whilst studying Human Biology.

    Now that I have finished my course, I am working full time, whilst building my applications for management graduate schemes.

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    Francesca Medway


    The course is intense but your cohort is so supportive and encouraging. It’s a bond that will never break.

    The placements were certainly my favourite aspect of the course. The OUH Foundation Trust is very fortunate to have a wide array of placements that, as a student, you can experience. The best way to learn in this profession is by observing and then doing and I loved the hands on experience this course provided.

    The lectures were very interesting and the lecturers were incredibly passionate and enthusiastic. My experience of mentors has been so positive; they have all been so supportive and understanding.

    The facilities are good. Marston Road provides labs and computer facilities that are suitable for the courses based there. The canteen is mostly always open and a common room provides a kettle, microwave and vending machine. The John Henry Brookes building is very modern with good sized rooms, a great canteen and a fantastic library.

    I’m currently working as a midwife – spending half my time in the community and the other half in the John Radcliffe on a delivery suite. My long term plans include working in the community at a birth centre and possibly exploring research.

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    Emma Podmore

    Social Work

    As I had been out of education for a number of years I found the Upgrade service particularly useful.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed being a mature student. I have gained knowledge, skills, and have had opportunities which have pushed me out of my comfort zone, allowing me to progress.

    I was able to undertake two different placements, both of which met my learning needs. In my first placement I worked in a voluntary organisation with adults with a variety of needs, including those with addictions, mental health issues, and those who were homeless or offenders. My second placement was within a child protection team. Both of these helped me develop a variety of skills to use in practice.

    The lecturers and practice assessors have always been supportive; I have always felt comfortable in asking for their advice and for a tutorial if needed. As I had been out of education for a number of years I found the Upgrade service particularly useful, providing me with essential tips on how to structure my essays.

    I would like to continue working in child protection for the foreseeable future and will look into specialising in either play therapy or working as a children’s guardian.

    Lauren Bolder 400x400

    Lauren Bolger

    Sports and Exercise Science 

    I got the job a month after graduating.

    Brookes has everything you could need for research into sport and exercise; from gas analysis equipment to advance body composition analysers. The lecturers are knowledgeable and interested in their modules, the lab technicians provide invaluable help in human performance laboratories, and PhD students give us advice and guidance.

    As part of our degree we were offered an amazing scheme, ‘Inside Track’, which allowed us to network with a vast variety of relevant professionals. We were also able to use the facilities in the Centre of Sports’ high quality strength and conditioning suites.

    For my work experience module I attended the CLEAR unit, an in house rehabilitation centre based at the university. This was eye opening and life changing; I developed an interest in helping clinical patients rather than elite populations, and this is reflected in my current career pathway.

    I’m currently a Physiotherapy Assistant Practitioner at the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, based here in Oxford. I got the job a month after graduating. From gaining this essential experience I now have a conditional offer to study Physiotherapy MSc. Once you graduate you are never bound to a certain career path; with the broad knowledge you gain, you can choose the direction you are passionate about.