Public Health Taster Day at Oxford Brookes

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Public Health

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The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how public health is key to our society. We have learned how good public health can reduce the impact of widespread infections, enable our systems and services to respond and plan for health emergencies, and support recovery from the sometimes devastating changes to health and lifestyles at individual to national levels.

This study day will give you insight into how public health professionals can contribute to addressing the challenges we face as we adapt to the pandemic. It will offer you some essential skills to understand and communicate evidence about health, and introduce you to using psychological theory when working with communities to improve health behaviours and reduce psychological and physical Ill-health.

Morning session

Tracking and tracing disease – an introduction to epidemiology
In this session we will introduce you to how we describe patterns in disease in a way that helps us to identify the right interventions to reduce harm at a population or community level. We will explain some basic statistical concepts which are often used in reports and the media and we will show you how we choose what type of research is needed to understand health risks and interventions. No prior knowledge of statistics or research methods are needed. 

Afternoon session

Hands, face, space – changing behaviours to improve health
Our second session will look at how we develop and evaluate interventions to improve the health of our communities. We will introduce you to some contemporary theories of behaviour change; how to use them to decide how best to intervene in the complex personal, societal, and environmental factors that influence our health; and how to predict and measure the impact of interventions.


Dr Sarah Howcutt is the Programme Lead for Public Health, Management in Health and Social Care and Professional Development. She teaches epidemiology, research methods and scientific writing. Her research work explores how we can collect good quality epidemiologic data about health risks from underserved populations such as marginalised young women and minority groups.

Dr Sarah Hennelly is a Chartered Psychologist and Lecturer in Public Health. Her expertise is in developing and evaluating programmes that aim to improve people's health and wellbeing.


You are able to join this Taster Day either for a FULL or HALF day.

Full Day ticket price:
£70pp face to face (with refreshments provided) - capacity of 20 on campus students OR £50pp online.

Half Day ticket price:
£25pp online only for AM or PM session