Faculty of Health and Life Sciences research students awarded PhDs and Masters by Research

Thursday, 09 July 2020

Research office

As a Faculty we are very proud of our diverse research student community, comprising 131 PhD students, 2 MPhil students, 8 masters by research students, 2 PhD by published works and 27 students on our Professional Doctorate in Nursing.

Earlier this year, we had an opportunity to learn more about their research at our Postgraduate Symposium and some research students took part in an array of public engagement activities including the Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar

Now that we are approaching mid-summer, we are delighted to be able to congratulate all those who have successfully had their degree conferred this year and now hold a PhD or Masters by Research award. We asked some of these award holders to share their experiences and you can read their reflections below.

"My Psychology PhD was on how the brain prioritises information related to the self, and the effect this has on attention and memory. Overall, I very much enjoyed my time as a PhD student. It was hard work and a good lesson in perseverance. I have met a lot of interesting people, been to very nice conferences, and learnt a great deal about research and teaching. After my PhD, I started working as a researcher, and as an eLearning technologist for Oxford Brookes University. Both experiences will be invaluable to my future plans of being an ‘eLecturer’. I believe that, even without a pandemic, it is very important to offer a combination of face-to-face and online learning to students." Alfred Veldhuis, Department of Psychology,Health and Professional Development

Alfred Veldhuis

“I began my PhD at Oxford Brookes having previously worked and studied here. I chose to stay for my PhD because I wanted to continue to work with internationally renowned researchers Prof. Vince Connelly, Prof. Anna Barnett and Dr. Olivia Afonso. My PhD research was the first to investigate how spellcheck impacts writing for individuals with dyslexia. Through opportunities available at Brookes I have been awarded multiple small grants to support my research. I have presented my PhD work at international conferences. I have published my research and am continuing to produce papers from it. I am currently teaching at Brookes and working as an associate researcher, making the most of specialist research skills developed over the course of my PhD.” Lynsey O'Rourke, Department of Psychology, Health and Professional Development.

Lynsey O'Rourke

“While my experience at Oxford Brookes was quite challenging, it was equally rewarding I was fortunate to have a fantastic supervisor ( Professor Munira Kadhim) who was dedicated to each one of her students, celebrating our accomplishments and ensuring her support both inside and outside the laboratory. The tears, laughs, many-a-day coffees, pub sessions, and support from my PhD pals in the department helped get me through as well, and led to some life-long friendships that I am beyond grateful for.” Brittany Almond, Department of Biological and Medical Sciences.

Brittany Almond

“I came to Oxford Brookes looking for a new and exciting challenge, having previously completed my undergraduate in Canada. During my time here, I have gained expertise in several biology related techniques and made life-long friends. Oxford Brookes is an institute with abundant knowledge and opportunities. During my PhD, I specialised in microscopy and now work alongside Prof. Isabel Bermudez and Dr Dianne Newbury, as a Post-Doctoral Researcher. My work focuses on delineating the functional effect of a rare genetic mutation associated with exceptional memory and the ability to speak backwards. I am fortunate to be able to further my PhD work, alongside my primary supervisor Prof. Dave Carter, researching chemoresistance in ovarian cancer. My experience at Oxford Brookes has developed me as an independent researcher and I am excited to pursue a career in science and research.” Aditi Pradhan, Department of Biological and Medical Sciences

Aditi Pradhan

"My MSc by Research degree allowed me to tailor my research question to my specific interests which I felt could impact my chosen field, in addition to further developing myself as a football coach. A challenging yet rewarding experience which provided me with transferable skills that coupled both my interests in skill acquisition research and football coaching together. The support I received from the Health and Life Sciences Faculty was second to none. At this stage, I would like to apply the theoretical understanding I have developed over the course of my MSc and BSc at Oxford Brookes into a professional environment. I hope to further my career in football coaching and performance analysis roles and aim to break into professional football in the future, whilst maintaining my interest in research and pursuing options for further study." Nicholas Kalakoutis, Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work

Full list of conferments

Student NameDoSThesis TitleAward
Rachel VowdenRyan PinkMorphology and localisation of replacement-derived debris and hip protheses materials in marcrophages.Masters by Research
James WatkinsTim ShreeveEvaluating impact assessment in non-profit conservation projectsPhD
Alexandra BuffryAlistair McGregorCharacterising the function and evolution of enhancers in DrosophilaPhD
Lauren HardingJane AppletonExploring risk assessment in school nursing and safeguarding practice: A mixed methods studyPhD
Alana BurrellSue VaughanThe ultrastructural morphology of Eimeria tenella exhibits striking natural variation and undergoes significant changes during the first few hours of infection.PhD
Brittany Lee AlmondMunira KadhimThe role of retrotransposition and exosomal DNS in radiation-induced genomic instabilityPhD
Anerida CoetzeeJohn JakemanThe relationships between load and stress and recovery with performance injury rate and training adherence in well-trained female collegiate UK rowersMasters by Research
Madison AtkinsSue VaughanInvestigation og the distal appendage protein Cep 164 in Trypanosoma bruceiPhD
Lynsey O’RourkeVincent ConnellyInvestigating the impact of spellcheck on writing for students with and without dyslexiaPhD
Alfred VeldhuisMichael PillingThe influence of self-relevant information on attention and memoryPhD
Julia BirchenoughVincent ConnellyThe influence of individual differences on reading in readers of consistent compared to inconsistent orthographiesPhD
Aditi PradhanJohn RunionsSignificance of altered Golgi apparatus and cell fusion events in ovarian cancer cellsPhD
Sophie HannonSarah HillierThe effects of ready meal consumption on appetite, satiety and subsequent food intake.Masters by Research
Teresa Minguez VinasIsabel Bermudez-DiazSearching for structural determinants of agonist selectivity in nicotinic acetylcholine receptors.PhD
Nicholas KalakoutisJohn JakemanThe effects of opposed and unopposed practice environments on skill acquisition and transfer with specific reference to non-dominant foot kicking. Examining changes in kicking kinetics and outcomes.Masters by Research

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