Paramedic lecturer provides his thoughts on Social Responsibility on Social Media

Tuesday, 08 January 2019


Martin Berry, Senior Lecturer for Paramedic Science at Brookes, has written about the importance of acting responsibly on Social Media. The article, published by the Royal College of Paramedics of which Martin is Trustee and Director of Communications, considers how the paramedic profession is represented online and the impact social media can have on patient care and confidentiality.

“How we present ourselves and how we communicate remains an integral part of our personal and professional identity. With an ever-growing emphasis on how we engage with the general public, and indeed fellow healthcare professionals, it is right that we continue to explore new and innovative platforms that can allow us all to engage with those around us. None have had more of a profound impact on our publishing freedoms than that of the social media revolution. Ever since we gained the ability to immediately share our thoughts and beliefs to a wider audience via our phone or tablet from the palm of our hand, we have had to rapidly consider the implications for our professional responsibilities, or at least apply agreed standards to this new medium.

Throughout my career, I like many others, have tried to champion the use of this technology as a way of freely sharing knowledge and best practice. Sharing best practice, ideas for research, and experiences can be a powerful form of education and it can be especially important to challenge the status quo and promote objective discussion of reputable evidence to further enhance how we treat patients and service users #FOAMed. However, within a digital world where everyone’s views are as accessible as each other, the purpose of peer-review and experiential credibility becomes more important than ever.”

Read the full article here.

Martin regularly appears on television and radio, representing the paramedic profession and sharing his experiences of working on the front line.