• CPD Contemporary Issues in Contraception and Sexual Health
  • Contemporary Issues in Contraception & Sexual Health

    This module will help healthcare professionals to explore the issues that shape contraception and sexual health services in the UK.

    Both the Department of Health (2001) and Royal College of Nursing (2009) have identified a clear need for more sexual health education. In line with that need, this course will equip students with the knowledge and skills to provide holistic and effective sexual health and contraception services.

    This module will support students in understanding the importance of sexual health in their sphere of practice. It will also serve and an introduction for those who wish to undertake additional post-registration training in sexual health practice.

    The syllabus will include:

    • culture and politics in sexual health care
    • global and national trends in sexually acquired infections
    • teenage pregnancy
    • fertility and fertility control
    • trends in uptake and use of contraception
    • theories of sexuality and human sexual behaviour
    • reproductive law and ethics
    • sexual health morbidities following childbirth
    • safer sex health promotion.

    This module can be taken as part of a masters pathway in the Health Sciences Open Award.

    • Critically evaluate the theoretical and philosophical basis of the meaning of ‘sexual health’ within multicultural contexts.
    • Critically analyse factors that can influence sexual health, e.g. cultural, ethical, legal and professional, and synthesise these to evaluate their effect on health outcomes.
    • Identify and evaluate current trends within sexual health, demonstrating clear links to relevant physiological processes.
    • Identify the sexual health needs of a defined population, evaluating their professional role in the promotion and support of positive sexual health, and making recommendations for research and practice.
    This course is of interest to any health or social care professional whose role involves providing information on sexual health or contraception.