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  • Dementia Simulation Training

    Dementia care is now at the forefront of service provision. Whether from early diagnosis to end-of-life care, or supporting access to health and care services such as hospitals, GPs, dentists or opticians, local authorities providers are expected to demonstrate continued progress towards the government's National Dementia Strategy and to deliver compassionate care for all patients.

    This Dementia Simulation Training package will assist health and care staff and volunteers to build dementia awareness, gather insights into the requirements of those with dementia and develop skills in supporting people with dementia more effectively.

    The training is delivered over a full day encompassing the majority of the skills development. Through the use of simulation, the participants will develop awareness and insight into the experiences of people with dementia. Based on this experiential learning, they will reflect upon and explore the potential experiences and needs of their own population within their work areas (e.g. ward/home/community)

    Participants will then develop specific skills and knowledge in the areas of communication, environment, holistic person-centred care, and legal/ethical aspects of practice, before having the opportunity to practice and apply these skills with an experienced dementia actor.

    After auditing their working environment for dementia friendliness, participants will develop a specific action plan for their practice/workplace areas aimed to embed the learning with the service.

    By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    • Create meaningful relationships with people with dementia and their carers
    • Communicate effectively with people with dementia
    • Assessing the person's strengths, care needs and safety issues
    • Support physical, psychological and spiritual needs in a range of environments
    • Understand a range of interventions to support people with dementia and their carers