• CPD-Dimensions in Advances Nursing Practice
  • Dimensions in Advanced Nursing Practice 

    In this practice-related module you will have the opportunity to study the development of advanced practice in nursing through an understanding of the history of nursing as a profession and the influences on contemporary care contexts. We will explore definitions of advanced practice, philosophy and ethics in relation to nursing and the concepts that surround the profession. The nature of knowledge in advanced nursing and decision making in relationship to patient experience and outcomes will be explored.

    We will examine the political aspects of advanced practice in nursing and reflect on issues such as gender, power and control. Nursing as art/science, professional identity, collaborative practice and major theories will be explored and critical thinking will be applied to how these develop.

  • If you wish to take this as a standalone module then you can apply to be a postgraduate associate student using our online application portal. You will need to register for the portal prior to proceeding with an application.