• CPD Dimensions of Adult Intensive Care Practice
  • Dimensions of Adult Intensive Care Practice 

    This level 7 double practice module provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills, and understanding of assessment, planning, delivery, and evaluation of care. This is pertinent to the management of critically ill patients with neurological, renal or gastrointestinal compromise and those with multiple traumatic injuries. The management of critically ill patient with cardiorespiratory compromise is covered in module P44008 Adult Cardiorespiratory Intensive Care Practice.

    This module also considers end of life care, organ transplantation, outreach and follow up services, transport of the critically ill patient, and psycho-social issues affecting patients in an intensive care environment. Students will gain practical experience of caring for these patients in an appropriate intensive care environment. The module will provide students with the opportunity to think critically and logically about the evidence base that informs intensive care practice.

  • If you wish to take this as a standalone module then you can apply to be a postgraduate associate student using our online application portal. You will need to register for the portal prior to proceeding with an application.